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Hyderabad was spun into a city with the yarn of love. The tale runs in the land of fancy but is probably true. It’s about a young Muslim prince and his love for a nubile Hindu girl – about a relationship that develops in spite of caste, class and religious divides. About a town that grew into a city called Bhaganagar (named after the girl called Bhagamati, or ‘the lucky one’). The prince became King and shifted his capital to the town of his beloved.

It’s evident that the city of Hyderabad has been loved and cared for. Hyderabad is steeped in history and heritage and that makes it a very interesting city as far as tourism is concerned.. You will find heritage in the Faluknama Palace, in the priceless treasures of the Salar Jung Museum as also the imposing Golconda Fort and the recognisable four minarets of the Charminar. The wide roads and public parks in the garrison town of Secunderabad, the leisurely pace of the people of Hyderabad who still have the time and the gentility to offer "adaab" and to cook up a slow simmering storm in flavourful cauldrons do this special city real proud.

Besides being a veritable treasure trove stacked with heritage, the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are one of the major centres of Information Technology development, and is known as 'Cyberabad' with many of the big IT companies having their headquarters here. A delightfully elegant disposition, a miracle of technological revolution or a city with quite some tradition - Hyderabad is really all of these and more. So travel to Hyderabad to explore the charms of this city of pearls.

The Salar Jung Museum is the single largest collection of art and artefacts by one person. Do not miss visiting the museum! Ramoji Film Studios is supposed to be the largest film studio in the world covering over 1600 acres.

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