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People of Andhra Pradesh

The people of Andhra Pradesh are predominantly Hindu but in the northern parts, especially in and around Hyderabad there is a significantly large population of Muslims. The richest sections of Andhra society are the Raos and the Reddys. These landowning classes with a penchant for flashy lifestyles dominate the social scene in cities like Hyderabad. While urban Andhra Pradesh is educated, cosmopolitan and leads the way in conspicuous consumerism, the rural areas are still remarkably poor. Absentee landlordism has had a devastating impact on the agricultural sector. In recent years suicides by farmers, especially among cotton growers have been a troubling but growing phenomenon.

A large part of the population in Andhra has been given special status under a programme of affirmative action for certain scheduled castes and tribes. The nomadic Lambardis are the most colourful tribal group, thought to be originally from the Kutch region in Gujarat. They have a distinct culture, are vividly attired in bright colours and chunky silver jewellery and usually find employment as casual labour in the cities.

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