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Best Time to Visit Andhra Pradesh

The best time to visit Andhra Pradesh in the winter months between October and March. The inland areas on the plateau are drier and cooler than the coast, and maximum temperatures average at 33° C in the summer and 22° C in the winter. Be informed that if you are visiting the coastal areas then the monsoons hit the coast during October - November and there maybe cyclonic activity.

The summer months get quite hot and humid with temperatures rising to the 40 degree C mark. The days may be hot in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam, but the nights cool down considerably. Hyderabad has pretty hot weather in summer with temperatures touching the 40 degree C mark in the daytime and dropping to 30 degree C at night.

Cultural festivals like the Visakha Utsav (Visakhapatnam) and the Deccan Festival (Hyderabad) are in January and February. The festival of Samkranti celebrates the harvest with great enthusiasm every January. The 1st of November marks the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956 and is a statewide holiday. Business travellers might be interested in catching the industrial exhibition in Jan-Feb held in Hyderabad.


The warmest period of the year is in the months of May-June. Maximum temperatures in the interior plateau region average at 33° C. Along the coast, it gets even warmer, and maximum temperatures can reach a blistering 46° C. Winters are not severe in this state, which lies just a few degrees below the Tropic of Cancer. In the plateau region maximum temperatures average 22°C. By and large the plateau is cooler and far drier than the coast.

The monsoon lasts from July to October, and is concentrated along the coast. The interiors receive very little rainfall. Occasionally they get winter rains. In the monsoon, the coastal areas are prone to cyclones that come up the Bay of Bengal, having whipped up enough fury to wreak havoc when they hit land.

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