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Black Forest


Located in the south-west corner of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, close to the French and Swiss border, the Black Forest is one of the most impressive forests of Germany.

With a length of 200 kilometres and breath of 60 kilometres, it has peaks reaching heights of up to 1,500 metres. Contrary to its name, the ‘Black Forest’ region is blessed with a particularly rich mythological landscape. The forest got its name due to a large concentration of pine trees and the nearby mountains casting their shadows over the valleys conjuring images of a dark, sinister place. Be sure not to be tricked by the name of the forest and explore the natural beauty the country has to offer.

Black Forest is speckled with rolling hills, old farm houses, castles and traditional wineries; valleys with lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Rivers such as the Danube, the Neckar, the Wiese and the Murg cut through the mountainous range. Some of the houses that you find here may be about three hundred years old offering you an insight into what ancient German might have been like. Black Forest is also home to the original Cuckoo clocks that are all artistically carved into many different designs since the early eighteenth century. In addition, Black Forest region is also famous for its traditional hats with their enormous pompoms called ‘Bollenhut’.

Over 14,000 miles of trails for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and walking that exist throughout the Black Forest; the region is a favourite place amongst the tourists.

The Black Forest in Germany is truly a spectacular place that nature has bequeathed upon humanity.

Best time to visit

Black Forest can be best visited in the late spring or early autumn. The weather during this period is more pleasant and less crowded than the rest of the year.


Be cautious! The Germany Black Forest is endowed with a rich mythological tradition, haunted by werewolves, sorcerers, witches and the devil in differing guises. Fortunately, helpful dwarves live within the woods to help you.


The Black Forest region can be visited all days from morning until late evening.

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