Indian Subcontinent


The land of contrasts - of sights, sounds and smells. The land that teased the west for centuries before it was tracked down by intrepid sailors. The land that so easily lends itself to cliches and yet so easily towers above them all. Mobile phones toot and lumbering locomotives hoot in this land where temple bells tinkle alongside the whirr of working modems. The smell of glowing incense assails you as much as the whiff of fires burning.

Fumes from petrol combustion and clouds rom billowing chimneys. Jasmine in women's hair, marigold in dusty stalls and the heady smell of rain on parched earth - these are the smells of a growing people. Witness the coming of age of one of man's oldest civilizations.

Come to the Subcontinent: where order is disorder and yet everybody smiles, where Fate tempers despair, where there is method in madness and if you look beyond the obvious, you'll reap a rich harvest.


Destinations in Indian Subcontinent

Bangladesh | Bhutan | India | Maldives | Nepal | Pakistan | Sri Lanka

India Travel Guide on States in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands | Andhra Pradesh | Arunachal Pradesh | Assam | Bihar | Chandigarh | Chhatisgarh | Dadra and Nagar Haveli | Daman | Delhi | Diu | Goa | Gujarat | Himachal Pradesh | Jammu and Kashmir | Jharkhand | Karnataka | Kerala | Lakshadweep | Madhya Pradesh | Maharashtra | Manipur | Meghalaya | Mizoram | Nagaland | Orissa | Puducherry | Punjab | Rajasthan | Sikkim | Tamilnadu | Tripura | Uttar Pradesh | Uttarakhand | West Bengal

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