Ziro Festival of Music is All Set to Mark its Fifth Year in Arunachal Pradesh

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Travel Features >> Ziro Festival of Music is All Set to Mark its Fifth Year in Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Festival of Music is All Set to Mark its Fifth Year in Arunachal Pradesh

December 07, 2016

Where :- Arunachal Pradesh, India
Date :- 22nd to 25th September, 2016

Remember the time when Bruce Springsteen sang and gave the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall – The Berlin Wall an ultimatum to come down? And then the day whenTansen lit a lamp just by singing? Or the one night when Baiju Bawra brought rains in the dry land by playing chords on his instrument? Falling of the Berlin Wall, lighting of lamps, and on demand rains are just a few of the many movements that can happen with music. Days as monumental as these and the others - routine as if on a repeat mode - can change upside down with Music.
From bringing people close to each other and breaking boundaries to making people time travelers and superhuman, music has all the power one needs to set things in momentum and bring time to a stop.

To celebrate the one thing that changes people and the world into something new or sometime to their old self, there is Ziro Festival for you.
The Ziro Music Festivals held every year in the Indian city of beauty and life, Arunachal Pradesh. Named after the home of apatanis, the agrarian tribe living their life cocooned under its rich legacy and astounding culture, the festival sees indie rock bands from all over the nation come in place and celebrate music. Bands like Begum, Antoine, The Royal Flush, and the Reverse Tragedy, among many many others will be there to perform and bring the nation together through the age old magic of music. Touted as the biggest outdoor music festival, Ziro festival of music is all set to mark its fifth year in Arunachal Pradesh. The four day festival will have it all – culture, indie rock, endless sky full of stars, face tattooed women, and bison(s).

Other than the grand music festival, the valley has a lot more to offer to everyone who gathers there for the love of music. From bird watching and trekking to river rafting in Kamle River and doing fish farming, Ziro has all that goes into making Arunachal Pradesh the land of relaxed holiday. So when there, give your evenings and nights to Ziro Festival Arunachal and your days to Ziro valley’s adventure, beauty, and food.

With the intention to witness life through music set, book the Ziro festival tickets before it all runs out.Now with everything done and sorted, it is time you free your calendar on the Ziro Festival dates and book your ticket to Arunachal Pradesh, the new music destination of India.

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