Valentine Day ~ A Day to Remember

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Travel Features >> Valentine Day ~ A Day to Remember

Valentine Day ~ A Day to Remember

January 29, 2013

There are very few celebrations that are global in nature, and have trespassed the boundaries of religion and culture and there is hardly any other occasion which has gained a greater cult status in the hearts of both young and the old, than Valentine's Day. India caught on to the fever of the Valentine’s Day, a centuries old phenomenon of the Western World, a decade or so earlier, but the occasion gained popularity with the city slickers and has since then, been a festival eagerly awaited.

The day of love, for this year, is round the corner and the festival fever has already gripped the people, and the markets of India are no different. While most of the people try to play safe with the clichéd hallmarked cards, flowers, candle light dinners and chocolates, there are others who love to think “out of the box” on how they can make this day special and unique for their loved ones. Here are some ways to “spice up” on Valentine’s Day:

A romantic getaway: Give your sweetheart a break from his/her monotonous busy work and surprise him/ her by planning a sweet short getaway to a place of your liking. Whisk her away on a road trip to nearby resort or book tickets and fly away to a destination of your beloved’s choice. A cozy meal overlooking the mountains, peaceful aimless wanderings in the woods, hand in hand walks on the beach or gazing the stars under the night sky together can never go wrong. The memories you create will last for a lifetime.

Spa for two: The idea of booking yourself and your valentine an exotic spa on this day of love is a very good one. Relax those stiff muscles and indulge on the majestic feeling of unwinding together. Rejuvenate your mind and body with the heavenly spa treatment and also in the process rejuvenate your relationship. Laze the day off with good wine, music and chocolates. You can fill up for the days and moments that you lost to each other due to your busy schedule and rekindle the romance. End the day with good food and renewed fondness.

Tantalize those taste buds: A break from the kitchen is something which is at the top of the wish list of every woman. This Valentine’s Day surprise your woman by waking up with a cup of coffee or tea along with it her favourite cookies. Take control of the kitchen and treat her like a queen. You can end the day on a perfect note by cooking her favourite dinner. If you not good in the kitchen, then cook a meal together. This way you can share spontaneous laughter and “onesome” time together. End the day by singing her a self composed song or a non rhyming poem- nothing works better than making your woman laugh!

Hot air balloon ride: Romance and a hot air balloon ride is a perfect “Mills and Boon” setting. So for all the die-hard romantics, a day spent in a hot air balloon can give the relationship the needed impetus. Woo your Lady love with one- on-one time amidst the cotton candy clouds, eagle eye view of the landscape and a soft soothing breeze. Strawberries and champagne complements the ride. If marriage is on your mind, you can also pop the question, who knows you might be lucky. A little romance never goes wrong!

Outdoor activity together: There is no better way to spend the day doing something that interests the two of you. A shared interest brings the people in love closer and the feeling of boredom is ruled out from the relationship. Be it clicking photographs, indulging in outdoor activities or enjoying each other’s company over a book. Interest shared is always a relationship gained. Couples with love for photography can head away to their desired place to click; they can click candid pictures of the other and share and laugh over them unwinding over a cup of coffee later. Feisty and adventurous couples can indulge in some adventurous sports, say, bungee jumping or river rafting.

Date with Nature: If you and sweetheart love nature and are passionate about it, than on this Valentine head away to the unruly wilds; national parks, sanctuaries or the wildlife resorts. The musky smell of the wild, the thrilling safaris, the treks to the unknown and mesmerizing music made by the animals and the “being close” feeling will be a great reward at the end of the day. You can also gift each other a plant or can plant a plant together. Nothing feels better than spreading love.

Ink your love: This idea is for the brave hearts. If you love the world to know about your love and want to prove the intensity of your love and togetherness to your spouse then getting inked might just be the perfect idea for you. You can get his/her name inked in a script or manner of your liking a day before and surprise him/her with it on the D-day or get it inked on the very day holding his/her hand. Both the partners can get each other’s name inked too or a phrase that defines their relationship. Getting inked on the wrist is a perfect way of “wearing one’s heart on their sleeves.”

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