Ultimate Attractions to visit in Bahrain

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Travel Features >> Ultimate Attractions to visit in Bahrain

Ultimate Attractions to visit in Bahrain

September 12, 2014

Bahrain is one country that is a top tourist’s destination in the world. Located in the Arabian island west of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is a beautiful cosmopolitan country with flourishing business activities and full of ultimate attractions sites that attracts millions of tourists annually. Bahrain boasts of having the most peculiar tourist’s attractions which include Bahrain national museum, tree of life, traditional houses and Bahrain fort among others. Here are some ultimate attractions that are a must see while on a tour to Bahrain.

Bahrain national museum
Bahrain national museum is the first ultimate attraction that is a must see destination for visitors. The national museum is a home to ancient archeologicalartifacts that dates back to Dilmun era. Also worth seeing here are the beautiful exhibited beads and earthenware which are displayed on the museum walls. The national museum is located close to the pearl monument and is rich of history of the origin of Bahrain.

Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve
Al-Areen Wildlife Park is also another ultimate tourist’s attraction site in Bahrain. This is one park that boasts of being a home to some indigenous wildlife animals that cannot be easily found anywhere else apart from Bahrain. These animals are Reem gazelle, Oryx and Addax. Take this golden opportunity and visit Bahrain to have a look at this treasured endangered species of animals which face the risk of becoming extinct.

Bahrain Dolphin Park
Bahrain Dolphin Park is the other ultimate top tourist’s destination in Bahrain. Have ever had an opportunity to see a dolphin let alone swimming with it. Here is the grand opportunity to first have a look at a dolphin and secondly have a chance to swim with it. There is a marine mammal show that takes place in this park daily for an hour. You will have an opportunity also to lay your eyes on two sea lions and beluga whales. The experience in this park is one of a lifetime. You will really enjoy yourself here.

Formula one race track
I cannot mention ultimate attractions in Bahrain and fail to mention the formula one race. This is one activity that has brought fame and glory to Bahrain. Thousands of tourists do visit Bahrain mainly to participate and witness the formula one race. If you are a motor sport race lover then this is the perfect destination for you to either visit as a participant or a spectator.

Hawar Island
Hawar Island is the other top ultimate attraction site that attracts a lot of visitors to Bahrain. This Island is famously known for hosting different bird species. Birdwatchers flock this place just to have a view of this birds which are the flamingos, sooty falcons, bulbuls among others. This island is only accessible by boat thus a trip here is quite interesting. The gate way to all these top ultimate attractions in Bahrain is only through a Bahrain visas application. Get yours today and get to visit this island in the Persian Gulf for a fun filled vacation with friends and family.

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