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Travel Features >> Tree House Resorts in India

Tree House Resorts in India

January 02, 2013

In today's day and age where getting close to nature means leaving your ipad and cellphones far behind, the concept of tree house resorts has found the perfect balance. Waking up to the sound of birds or the sweet scent of flowers, is an ideal way to begin your day. Being able to take pictures with your fully-charged high-tech phone is just another added bonus. Breathe in the fresh, unpolluted air and, with the privilege of your heightened senses, allow yourself to experience these inimitable tree houses situated right in your backyard (well, figuratively!!).
Whether you want to escape the noise and trepidation's of city life or are in a dire need for a healthy dose of inspiration, living in houses situated on tree tops will definitely serve your purpose. They serve as a sanctuary, a child’s fantasy and rejuvenating therapy for the soul - these tree houses are sure to take your breath away!

The Tree House Resort, Nature Farms, Jaipur
If there is one place where luxury meets wilderness, it’s at The Tree House Resort. Situated in the Syari Valley of Jaipur, it showcases the perfect juxtaposition of luxury cottages amidst vines, tree trunks and fauna. If you are a backpacker looking to spend the night on the forest floor, this may not be the place for you.. instead of tents pinned to the ground, one gets magnificent cottages perched atop, and even in the middle of, a tree. Visitors get to choose from seven different kinds of tree houses, each as grand as the one before that. The Tree House Resort presents an ideal place to escape to when city life gets too much to handle; this place welcomes guests to lavish cottages, night safaris, sumptuous meals and an abundant water supply. The rooms are either luxury cottages or deluxe suites, each with comfortable mattresses, air-conditioning, television sets, cell phone connectivity and attached bathrooms. With an unbeatable view of the Aravalis on one hand and safaris providing a glimpse into the life of jungle animals on the other, the Tree House Resort is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts and affluent travellers alike.

Tree House Hideaways, Bandhavgarh
Call it a repository of nature, a writer’s retreat or an ecologist’s fortress, Tree House Hideaways is a Mecca for anyone looking for a touch of the surreal. Enveloped between lush green Banyan, Peepal and Mahua trees, the five tree houses are located in the Ketkiya Village of Bandhavgarh. As if to prove how serious they are about providing a wholesome tree house experience, even the reception is placed atop a tree. A two level dining hall circumventing a Mahua tree churns out Indian, continental and barbecued delicacies which can be savoured at the ground level of the tree house. The more “spirited” travellers can try the Mahua wine at the mini-bar situated on the terrace, also known as ‘The Watering Hole’. Night gives way to brightly-lit bonfires, transforming these plush tree houses into a campsite for star-gazers. There are plenty of activities that can be undertaken here, safaris being the most popular and obvious choice. This place, where tigers and other animals were once hunted by the Maharajahs of the region, is now a safe haven for all creatures of the wild. Now, one comes here with the sole purpose of capturing the beasts through the lens of a camera or to simply while away time in the lap of nature. No matter what your purpose, a visit to Tree House Hideaways is bound to leave a lasting imprint.

The Machan, Lonavala
It’s often said that ‘home is where the heart is’ and as soon as you step into this tranquil space, that age old adage is reiterated in more ways than one. It’s nearly impossible to not lose one’s heart to the beauty that surrounds this place and the fact that the Machan used to be somebody’s family home only adds to its warmth. Located at Jambulne, near Lonavala, in the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats, the four-level tree house is a proud structure, built without the aid of any machinery. In this day and age when making eco-friendly choices is the need of the hour, coming here becomes a lot more than just a weekend getaway. The tree house is an organic rehab for technology junkies as there aren't any television sets or a stable mobile network hetre. The tropical forest in which the Machan is located also houses a solar and wind farm, thereby generating electricity for the tree house. Looking over the valley and finding nothing but a lush expanse of green is sure to take the blues away. Equipped with all bare essentials required, the stay at this tree house is best enjoyed with family. There are three bedrooms, each cozy enough to snuggle up with a nice book between the sheets. One can also take advantage of rain showers or can admire the picturesque view of the valley and lakes. Family fun, bird-watching, trekking or just shutting out the world, The Machan can be used for all this and more. If this doesn’t get the approval of a nature lover, we don’t know what will. After all, living on trees is primarily a lifestyle choice.

Sunset Bay, Srirangapatna
Sunset Bay may not be particularly extravagant but as soon as the sun sets over the serene freshwater lake, many people are bowled over. The property is situated in Srirangapatna on the Bengaluru-Mysore Highway and can be comfortably enjoyed by those who aren't too keen on paying a hefty amount just to live in a tree. Minimal is a word that best describes the interiors of the tree houses, which nevertheless gratifies those who claim to appreciate natural environs. Once here, visitors can choose from the two kinds of tree houses that can be used to stay in - the ones overlooking the waterfront and those located away from the lake. Obviously, the price of the former is a little higher but at the crack of dawn when the sun slowly rises up as if emerging from the bottom of the lake, the view alone provides value for money. The facilities in both tree houses are the same, the only exception is the landscape outside. Rooms built inside these tree houses are suitable for two people whereas the open sit-out provides an opportunity to guests to revel in the tranquil and pastoral ambience. These tree houses come with attached bathrooms and an ample supply of hot water. Air-conditioning is non-existent, meals are simple yet decent and mosquitoes might ruin the fun, but a host of activities such as bonfires, kayaking, fishing and cycling will bring your zest right back. Sunset Bay is a great option for those who are mindful of their budget, and is as good a tree house as any listed here. The only requirement is to go there with an open mind and rest assured, wonderful memories will most certainly be made.

Rainforest Boutique Resort, Athirapally, Kerala
Tucked safely away in Athirapally in Thrissur District of Kerala, the tree house in Rainforest Boutique Resort, feels a part of a different world altogether. Circular in structure, this masterpiece is the genius of a Swiss architect who made sure that the growth of the tree around which the accommodation is built remains unhindered. As long as the tree continues to give life to all creatures, the visitors can take in the magnificent beauty of the Athirapally Waterfalls descending from 80 feet above, right from the comfort of the tree house. The tropical rain-forest where the resort is situated is also the natural habitat for a number of endangered birds and animals. Disappointing as it may be, there is just one tree house in the resort but booking well in advance can certainly help. With mouth-watering delicacies, a swimming pool and lush green lawns, the 7-acre resort is nothing short of a Shangri-la.

Carmelia Havens Resort, Idukki, Kerala
In the world of spa retreats, exotic vacationing spots and jungle explorations, the tree house accommodation in Carmelia Havens Resort is yet another feather in the ever expanding range of tailor-made recreational sabbaticals. Situated in God’s Own Country, the resort certainly offers a divine experience in the form of wood cabins located on trees. The lamps, which are strategically placed in the verandah and the interiors of the tree houses create a celestial atmosphere when the moon comes up. The smell of cardamom and cinnamon plantations wafting through the air transports visitors to an ethereal place where all faculties are accentuated many-a-fold. The tree houses hold every bit of romance and adventure as imagined without dispelling the amenities of daily life. Activities and facilities abound, this resort connects individuals to Mother Nature at its best and once here, going back becomes just an option.

Tranquil Resort-Plantation Hideaway, Wayanad, Kerala
In order to capture the essence of a place, it’s essential to pay attention to what makes it the way it is - the peculiar smells, the warm people, the spectacular landscapes or the cacophony of noises. The real treat is when the one gets to experience it all in one fat package and that too, while staying comfortably in an exquisite villa situated on a tree. Located in Wayanad District in Northern Kerala, the Tranquil Resort is a part of a private coffee-plantation estate. There are two luxurious tree houses serving the fantasies of the child inside, only a little too extravagantly. Waking up to the smell of coffee, cardamom and varied spices in the comfort of a tree villa or a tree house, is a sure way to unwind and invigorate the senses. Armed with amenities such as a six point shower, mini-fridge, satellite receiver, TV and DVD player, electronic safe and a tea/coffee maker, both tree houses stand tall at 35 feet from the ground. Visitors needn't worry about mosquitoes or other insects upsetting the harmonic setting inside as all openings are sheltered with insect-screens. Fully-ventilated and spacious, these tree houses are designed to conveniently accommodate up to four people at a time. Those who wish to be particularly indulgent can avail any service by pressing a few buttons on the intercom which connects the tree houses to the main building. Tourists can also undertake a number of activities including the Ayurvedic massages and tranquil walks. Anyone who gets the taste of the calm atmosphere of Tranquil Resort is guaranteed to go back a happy and pampered individual.

Tree House Cottage, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Exuding warmth and beauty, the Tree House Cottage, sits like a crown in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Aesthetically designed and tastefully decorated, the tree cottages have a certain rustic charm to it. There is a small and cozy sitting area where mattresses covered in pastel-coloured sheets lay proudly on the carpeted floor. Sunlight filtering though the glass windows in every part of the tree house provides ample amount of light during the day and electricity needs are fulfilled by light bulbs at night. The view of the Himalayan Mountains from these cottages is overwhelming to the eyes whereas hot, appetising meals prepared in the kitchens run by the ladies of this property are a real treat for the soul. Tree House Cottage is a fantastic option for those on a budget and can be visited with family and friends. All those wishing to experience the famous Indian hospitality must pay a visit to this idyllic destination.

If you come to think of it, progress needn’t be something which isolates us from the natural world; it can and must also stand for finding innovative means to go back to nature. These tree house accommodations might just be a beginning, leading us all to a more evolved world.

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