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Travel Features >> Top Destinations for 2012

Top Destinations for 2012

December 12, 2011

Travellers are always on the lookout for where to go next: new horizons, new destinations, new experiences. From beach hideaways to cultural forays, remote mountain kingdoms to buzzing cities, if you are looking for where to go in 2012, the verdict is in and we have some suggestions for you. Explore.

With the royal wedding just over in Bhutan, there is a palpable excitement and buzz in the air. A secluded mountain kingdom, Bhutan is a beautiful little country where happiness is more important than making money. No wonder then, that it finds a place on the happiest countries in the world list! Scenic beauty, age old monasteries, trekking trails into virgin forests and a slow pace of life. Bhutan is one of the last untouched lands in the world today.

Come and discover it before it becomes just another place!

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires will seduce you with its energy and vivacity. Tango dancers and football fanatics, an old world European charm that permeates the city, barrios with a distinctive air, and cafes that tumble out on to the streets. Buenos Aires is a culturally rich city with art galleries and museums, theatres and dance clubs – it is a city with a heart that beats, and beats wildly. A city that will not disappoint you.

Tango your way to Buenos Aires!

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The mysterious veil that shrouded China over thousands of years has finally lifted and China presents a visual and experiential treat to travelers who care to set foot on its expansive territory. From traditional Ming villages to the warriors of Xian, the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, from walking the busy streets of Shanghai to taking a leisurely cruise on the Yangtze River, China is a repository of history, culture and now modernity.

The sleeping giant of China has awoken and awaits your arrival. So come and peel away the multi layers of this vast and interesting country – one, like no other you may have been to!

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Croatia maybe a small country but it is big on attractions. Beaches and mountains, medieval towns and a cultural heritage second to none, Croatia is a country that is beautiful and has much to offer a visitor. Culture seeking tourists will love the cities of Zagreb and Split, while the outdoor enthusiast will revel on the beautiful beaches along the Dalmatian Coast. The mountains in Croatia beckon the hiker and the several wildlife national parks are a nature lover’s panacea.

Croatia is, to put it very simply: beautiful and breathtaking!

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Go beyond the cigars, Che Guevara and Castro to discover a land of beautiful beaches, coral reefs and amazing marine life, valleys and rugged mountains and colonial towns. The people are friendly, warm and welcoming, the clear waters inviting and the joie de vivre catching. Go scuba diving, explore the Hemingway museum, climb mountains or have a real fun time on the beaches. To say the least, Cuba is a tourist’s delight.

Make your way in 2012 to Cuba to have an out of world experience!

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Hawaii, USA
The surf rides high on the beaches of Waikiki, the volcanoes still spew lava on far flung islands, smiling girls dancing the hula disarm you, gleaming white sands and the bluest of waters – this is Hawaii. A beach lovers paradise, a naturalists dream come true, a honeymooners haven and the holidaymakers heaven!

With six main islands that make up this state, Hawaii has retained its inherent charm with warm welcome smiles that await you.

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Hyderabad, India
A city steeped in history, culture and heritage, Hyderabad is a city that will offer its visitors an amazing experience. From the magnificence of the Faluknama Palace to the busy streets and alleys of the Charminar, from the expanse of the Golconda Fort to the priceless treasures of the Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad is a city very much on the move while retaining its inherent culture and heritage.

Come to Hyderabad in 2012. You will fall in love with the city.

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Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul features again this year on our bucket list, but then Istanbul is that kind of place! History assaults you at every corner you turn, culture that is thousands of years old waits in the wings and the sights and spices that make up this formidable city waft through the air and give Istanbul that certain zing! From museum-hopping in the day time to checking out the various clubs and bars at night, the city has options for whatever your interest.

Istanbul has been drawing travelers to its shores over the ages and in 2012 it continues to do so.

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London has always been a traveller’s delight and in 2012 it promises to be more so. With the Olympics set to take place, London has had a makeover and is ready to welcome visitors. There is much to see and do in this world city – museums filled with astounding art, wide open green expanses where you can breathe in the freshest of air, theatres that stage world class plays and shopping opportunities that are perhaps the best in the world.

London is a city that one never gets tired of visiting, so go on – plan to visit London in 2012.

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Muscat, Oman
Oman and more especially Muscat has slowly caught up with its counterparts in the Middle East. History and culture collide in this fascinating city which is a blend of beautifully manicured parks, interesting museums filled with priceless artifacts, bustling markets and a pretty harbor full of yachts bobbing up and down. Stroll along the Corniche, ogle at the best art this side of the Suez and linger in the souks of Muscat – let the scent of the Frankincense fill your senses. Muscat is very much a city where ancient traditions and cultures blend in with the style and modernity of the 21st century.

Muscat most definitely should be on your travel list in 2012.

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Tasmania, Australia
If you are looking for a place that is different, try Tasmania. One of the most stunning regions on earth, Tasmania in Australia, will stun you with its sweeping vistas and rugged splendor. Natural beauty combined with creatures like the wicked Tasmanian Devil, where verdant rain forests are the perfect foil to silvery beaches, as is the lovely city of Hobart to the wilderness of the west coast of the Tasmin Peninsula. Tasmania is one of the most beautiful regions on earth and a paradise for the outdoor lover.

Tasmania maybe Down Under, but it is right on top of our list of places to visit in 2012.

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Uzbekistan, one of the oldest regions in Central Asia, once on the famed Silk Route is a fascinating country with exotic destinations like Samarkhand, Bukhara and Khiva. In 2012, make it a point to discover the mystery behind these age old places – where blue domed mosques meet busy bazaars, where the best of Islamic architecture outshines modern day buildings, where the people are warm and hospitable, where history assaults you at every turn.

Come and unravel the mystery of Uzbekistan. You will be glad you did!

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