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Travel Features >> Top 10 Shopping Malls in India

Top 10 Shopping Malls in India

December 05, 2012

Nowadays if I am planning to shop out, malls are just the place where life has really been made easy for anyone who loves brands, or would like to buy a lot of stuff, or would like to have a lot of variety to choose from before shelling out those hard earned rupees (Dad’s or husband dear’s ;)).

New Delhi, somehow my heart resides here as the capital city has everything to offer. Avenues for earning lots of bucks, and also avenues to spend those lots of bucks! Select City Walk Mall in the city is like a hamlet in itself of many global and Indian brands where one is bound to get lost while ogling at the innumerable options. With a total floor area of about 1, 300,00 square feet, the mall has three main sections namely Celebration, High Voltage and Staple Tradition and all and all, the mall is definitely one of the best places for shopping.

As a surprise to many, Felix Mall in Lucknow too, is one of the best shopping destinations. The biggest mall in Uttar Pradesh, it spreads over an area of 1,600,000 square feet and possesses 11 floors. Having a plethora of shopping alternatives, the place is truly a dream come true for shoppers like me who would love to get everything at the same place!

DB City in Bhopal is also a very promising area for shopping as it houses about 180 showrooms of both global and Indian brands and is the largest mall situated in central India. Covering an estimated area of 1,350,000 square feet, the place provides for all that a shopaholic might desire along with a brilliant food court to complete the shopping trip.

Talking about the Western side of the nation, AlphaOne Mall in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), is an experience in itself. Constructed in 1.2 million square feet area, the mall aimed to have a complete package for entertainment having facilities for shoppers, movie goers, food lovers, and all at a single place. Having brands from all across the globe, the place is definitely a true site for shopping with both traditional stuff and fashionable items to sweep one off his/her feet.

Going towards the south, Chennai’s Express Avenue and Mantri Square Mall in Bangalore are also some great places to go for a shopping spree in. Express Avenue is constructed over an area of around 1,500,000 square feet and is the biggest mall in South Asia providing unmatched variety for all types of commodities. The mall also has the biggest gaming pergola in South Asia and is truly a great place to visit. On the same side, Mantri Square is the second largest shopping mall erected in India. Having a floor area of 1,700,000 square feet, the mall has about 250 branded showrooms and more often one can even watch some or the other contest taking place in it, making the overall shopping experience just amazing.

Having covered some of the best shopping destinations from across the nation, I think my list would totally be a waste if the so called fashion hub of the country misses out from it. Mumbai therefore, for sure exist in this discussion with some of its majestic and such great malls that the experience of being there is ethereal.

To start with, the Phoenix Market City in Mumbai is one such destination, which every shopaholic should absolutely visit. The biggest mall in the country as well as in entire Asia, the mall is built is 2,000,000 square feet area and its still in the phase of getting complete. Anticipated to hold about 600 stores, minimum of 20 restaurants and 14 multiplex screens, the mall aims to be the final stop for any kind of entertainment activity. Name it and you get it, is the level of varieties of things it offers and currently it houses over 330 brands of clothes, footwear, entertainment, fashion jewelry, and lots more.

Next is the High Street Phoenix in the city which also offers its visitors one single stop for all they can think of with its innumerable shops of both international and Indian brands. Also having a Palladium, the mall provides its elite class of shoppers with a special lavish shopping area consisting of high class and much selected brands.

To conclude, the Metro Junction Mall in Kalyan (Mumbai) and the Neptune Magnet Mall in Bhandup (Mumbai) are also two of the best resorts for shopping where one gets the full chance to enjoy every bit of the shopping experience. Where on one hand Neptune mall has 6 towers with 22 stories each (and is under construction) and is flooded with myriad options to buy from, the Metro mall covers a 1,500,000 square feet area and is known for accommodating around 125,000 people at a single time during festivals or weekends.

Truly so, India does has developed a lot, at least in providing shopaholics like us in having astounding shopping destinations where we can enjoy every bit of the tour.

-Contributed by Nupur Kaudan

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