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Travel Features >> Top 10 Destinations to visit in 2011

Top 10 Destinations to visit in 2011

January 30, 2013

Where in the world are you going to travel to in the year 2011? Below is a list of the top 10 destinations that you could choose from. Some places are ones that figure on most lists, but then we have included others that are up and coming destinations that are under appreciated and not yet part of a traveler’s beat but promise to become hot spots soon.

Belgrade, Serbia
If ever there was city that has risen from the ashes it has to be Belgrade. Though the ravages of war are still present and serve to remind one the city’s turbulent history, Belgrade today is a city on the move and retains the best of east and west Europe with the excellent museums and galleries being a great attraction for the history and art buff. The cosmopolitan character comes out in the decidedly French cafes that spill on to the streets, where people sip coffee all day and it makes you wonder if all are on perpetual holiday. Vibrancy permeates through the city and its citizens welcome you with open arms.
Come and savour the new Belgrade!

Berlin, Germany
The freeze of the Cold war is long over and the thaw set in some time ago. Berlin is now one of the hippest cities in Europe and a must visit in 2011. World class museums and reminders of a not so pleasant era rub shoulders with the high fashion in busy streets and a pulsating nightlife that is second to none. Berlin is a city where reminders of the past are everywhere, but it is also a city that is uber cool and contemporary, a city that has been on the fast track and is now number one!

New York City, USA
New York never fails to excite. No matter how many times you have visited, there is always something new to discover in this Capital of the World called New York. From world class museums to towering skyscrapers, from high fashion on Fifth Avenue to the bohemian culture of the Village, from the ubiquitous pizza to New York Cheesecake, from Broadway plays to subway performers, New York has something for everyone and because of its diverse multi cultural population, has the unique ability to make you feel at home.

Tangier, Morocco
In 2011, venture into the exotic, mysterious and exciting city of Tangier in the fabled land of Morocco. West meets east and gets easily enmeshed in Tangier where the Spanish influence is palpable as is the Moorish African one: feel it in the stylish cafes on the promenade and in the cathedrals in the city, be enthralled in the bustling souks or in the beach bars. Enjoy a sumptuous meal of couscous and tagine at the Medina or dine at a restaurant on the Seafront. There is much to do and see in Tangier and as Paul Bowles wrote ‘some place are more magical than others’.
Tangier certainly qualifies.

New Zealand
New Zealand is near perfect. It’s almost unfair that New Zealand is crammed with so many wonderful sights and the most stunning landscapes you will ever see. This tiny country is made up of two islands – North and South which have a sprinkling of interesting and beautiful cities, is very high on scenic beauty, a Maori culture that is still very much present and is melting pot with a mix of people. They all go up to making New Zealand an outstanding destination!

Istanbul, Turkey
Take one part of culture, add a huge dollop of history, blend in some architectural wonders, stir in some great shopping, fabulous food and nightlife. And what do you get? A heady cocktail called Istanbul! The city never fails to please – replete with history that spans centuries, museums filled with magnificent artifacts and busy bazaars that hum with activity, Istanbul is sure to floor you.
Come and you may never want to leave!

Cork, Ireland
Tucked away in the southern part of Eire, Cork is fast catching up with Dublin the number one city of Ireland. Cork is a pretty little town with a sprinkling of beautiful churches, the lively English market, happening pubs where you can knock back a stout or two while you try to decipher what the friendly bartender in his sing-song lilt is saying. In Cork it really doesn’t matter because his smiling Irish eyes say it all.
Go to Cork while it is still not run over by tourists, while it still retains its Irish charm.

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Move over Dubai, Abu Dhabi is here. A slick city, Abu Dhabi is a year round destination that boasts of beautiful beaches and sandy dunes, where minarets and mosques jostle for space with ultra modern shiny skyscrapers. Abu Dhabi will dazzle you with its futuristic building, glitzy shopping, its delightful cornice on the beachfront, its sophisticated clubs and bars. Come and get a taste of the warm hospitality that the residents of Abu Dhabi will shower on you and unravel the mystique associated with the Middle East.

Kyoto, Japan
Visit Kyoto in 2011 for its historic value: 17 UNESCO designated World Heritage sites and some 2000 temples and shrines. Even if history is not your thing you will find yourself being drawn in by this culturally enriched city, with its beautiful parks and Japanese gardens, where you can still visit a tea house and be entertained by a geisha girl.
In your mind’s eye if you have ever imagined what Japan would be like, well Kyoto comes very close to it!

Sri Lanka
The Golden Isle of Sri Lanka beckons. Sweet smelling spice gardens, magnificent landscapes, pristine beaches, beautiful temples, elephant orphanages, sumptuous fiery food and some great bargain shopping is in a nutshell what Sri Lanka is all about. Sri Lanka is synonymous with the word ‘serendipity’ and how apt that is as in Sri Lanka many pleasant surprises await you and appear when you least expect them!
Come and discover.

Machu Picchu, Peru
Yes, we know that Machu Picchu has figured on the must visit lists over the years, but we list it here again. Two reason for that actually: It has been consistently voted as the most eco -tourist friendly place and July 24, 2011 marks 100 years since it was ‘discovered’ by Prof H Bingham of Yale University. Machu Picchu also found its place on the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007 and there is little doubt that it is one of the most intriguing destinations on Planet Earth.
So visit it for its spectacular views and the magical surreal experience it promises to be.

Kerala, India
Dubbed ‘God’s own Country,’ by the state’s Tourism Board, Kerala is just that! And though it has found its way repeatedly on the must visit lists, we list it here once again! Swaying palm trees lining the idyllic backwaters you can cruise down, sun-kissed beaches to frolic on, great wildlife viewing at Periyar, spice gardens at Munnar, ayurvedic and spa treatments at wellness resorts, fabulous festivals round the year and a mouthwatering cuisine to choose from.
A vacation is Kerala is succor for the body and soul – a dream destination that should be on your list this year.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm’s climb to the list of top of must visit cities has been slow but sure. The amalgam of the old and the new is quite amazing and it can be seen in the quaint cobbled streets of the Gamla Stan which are lined by Baroque buildings and in the Royal Palace that are juxtaposed against contemporary buildings like the Ericsson Globe shaped like a giant golf ball. Made up of 14 islands, there are beautiful expanses of parks, forest and beaches. The nightlife is exciting and the ice bars a novelty. The people are friendly and Stockholm promises to please.

London, UK
Everyone loves a fairytale and what better than to be present at the grand royal wedding of Prince William and his lady love Kate Middleton. All roads will lead to London in April 2011with people the world over getting ready to be a part of the grandest royal wedding celebrations after Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s. Their son Prince William and Kate Middleton are to tie the knot on 29 April 2011 and over a million people are expected to be in London for the historic event.
Forget about the crowds, and come to London to be part of history and this joyful moment.

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