Tips to Lose Holiday Weight

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Travel Features >> Tips to Lose Holiday Weight

Tips to Lose Holiday Weight

January 24, 2012

The holiday was great but overindulgence in food and drink has really tipped the scales and unfortunately not in your favour! Those new jeans you got just before the holidays, won’t go up and are bursting at the seams. The need of the hour is to drop a couple of pounds – here are some tips to help you shed some of that holiday weight.

Set a goal
Slow and steady wins the race! Set a realistic weight loss goal for yourself. You may need to lose quite a few pounds, but start out with trying to lose a pound or two a week. This is easily doable and when you see the needle of the scale decreasing every week, you will be motivated to carry on. Anyway it is better to lose weight slowly, than drastically as that way chances are the weight loss will be permanent!

Drink water
Hydrate yourself! Often one mistakes thirst for hunger pangs, so drink water as often as you can –at least 10-12 glasses a day. This flushes out your system and also helps to give you a full feeling thereby alleviating your need to reach out for food.

Start the day with breakfast
The old adage of eat breakfast like king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper really works. Make no mistake about it. So start your day with a healthy breakfast, have a wholesome lunch and at dinner try and cut out the carbs and make it a point to eat early – before 7 pm. This trick works wonders!

Eat often
Have five small meals in the day instead of three big ones. That way you will not get hungry and there will not be any chance of over eating. Though do pay attention to portion size and calorie count, as in the final count your calorie intake must be less than the calories you can burn. Eat lots of green vegetables, cut out the salt as salt leads to water retention and make your motto ‘eat to live’ instead of ‘live to eat’!

Learn to Substitute
Pass up the fries, salted nuts, pretzels and potato chips and snack on either celery sticks, carrots and cucumbers. Replace mayonnaise in your sandwich or salad dressing with hung curd made from fat free yogurt and do stay off the red meat. Instead eat white meat – chicken, fish or turkey. Avoid and vegetables grown underground and replace with leafy veggies like lettuce and spinach.

Exercise regime
Burn those calories! Take the stairs and not the elevator. If you can cycle or walk to your office do so. When you are in the office instead of reaching for the phone to call your colleague, get up stretch your legs and walk to his/her desk. Get into a routine of walking at a brisk pace for at least 30 minutes a day, slowly building it up to 45 minutes and see the pounds melt away!

Avoid alcohol and aerated drinks
Go off alcohol and abstain from the cokes and canned juices. Beer, wine, vodka and cocktails all have immense calories that only add up to your waistline. Cut out the sodas like Coke and Pepsi . If you really must have a drink then a diet coke once in awhile is fine. The best is to sip plain aqua – water has no calories, helps to decrease bloating and water retention and makes you feel full.

Over eating is a common problem during holiday time, but get back on track right after and follow the above to see the pounds drop away. It will certainly help you if you have supportive atmosphere at home too!

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