Tips for a Successful Road Trip

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Travel Features >> Tips for a Successful Road Trip

Tips for a Successful Road Trip

October 05, 2011

Road trips can be a great way for the family to spend some quality time while the enjoying journey. The thrill of a driving holiday are many: watching lush greenery as your car eats up the miles and of course the joy of stopping anywhere to click photographs or to have a meal are some of the advantages of a road trip. However, a road trip like any other trip needs some planning for you to enjoy your journey and vacation. Here are some of the tips that will help you embark on a successful road journey.

Car preparation: Assuming that you will be travelling by your own car or even if you are hiring a car from a car rental company it is imperative to prepare your car for the road trip by changing its oil and filling up the gas tank. If you are planning to take your car then do get your car serviced before you go on a road trip. Be sure all your car tools are in the boot and check that your spare tire is filled with air. You don’t want to be caught on the road with a flat tire as well as a flat stepney!

Car documents: Check that your car papers are in order. Carry your driving licence and check its validity. Keep all your car documents including your car insurance updated.

Road Maps: You may have a GPS system in your car which tells you where you are going, but it is still advisable to carry classic paper road maps for guidance to avoid taking a wrong turn.

Things to pack: Pack a good supply of sunscreen, hand towels, and tissues. Contrary to what you think you get sun burnt even through a car window and with all the squinting your eyes can get tired. So have mercy on your eyes invest in good sunglasses. You will need hand towels or tissues to wipe those messy hands or even to wipe faces of your kids. If you are going to be on the road for a long time it is better to give your feet also some breather and wear flip-flops. Besides letting your feet breathe a little it will be easier for you to just slip it on and get down from the car when you stop for a meal or just want to stretch your legs.

Travelling with children: If travelling with children don’t forget to pack loads of games and books to keep them occupied on the trip. You can pack puzzle games or picture books on the place you are travelling to so that they can know more about the destination.

Travel friendly snacks: Yes, it’s fun to stop and eat at one of the motels that are scattered on highways but it is also advisable to pack travel friendly snacks especially if you are travelling with kids. It’s funny how everyone gets ravenously hungry on a road trip! Also keep good stock of water and juices, and avoid aerated drinks. While you are at it don’t forget to pack paper plates and cups and plastic cutlery along with a Swiss knife for peeling or cutting fruits and of course garbage bags to dispose of fruit peels, toffee, and chewing gum wrappers, and other food wastes. Don’t litter the roadside!

Music: Music is one of the best parts of a road trip. Don’t just rely on just the radio and get your own collection to listen and enjoy while on the road. And yes, you can sing along as well!

Fuel tank: In the midst of driving and just having fun please do keep a check on the fuel tank and don’t wait for the needle to hit the empty mark before you start looking for a petrol pump.

Drive cautiously: Yes, you are on a road trip with miles and miles of empty roads for you to drive your car on a full throttle but do exercise a little bit of cautious and stay within the designated speed limit if you don’t want any mishap to happen on your trip.

Rush hour traffic: As far as possible try and avoid the rush hour traffic as you don’t want to waste your travel time driving in a traffic jam. So take a bypass or else stop at that place, get your tank filled and enjoy the place before you again embark on your journey.

Other than these tips just relax, laugh a lot, and don’t crib about being stuck in the car. Remember that on the road trip, the journey is equally important as the chosen destination. So just enjoy your next road trip with these tips.

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