The Top 5 Tourist Attractions Of Australia

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Travel Features >> The Top 5 Tourist Attractions Of Australia

The Top 5 Tourist Attractions Of Australia

October 11, 2014

Australia, the fifth largest country worldwide and also the smallest as well as driest continent. This beautiful country / continent also has the lowest stretch of plains or flat land. The larger part of its vast unknown landscapes have now been explored and do not have the “wild” look so much anymore. This vast country is one beautiful paradise, packed with deserts, mountains, tropical forests, an abundance of flora and unique fauna such as the Kangaroo and the Koala bear.
Australia’s vast landscape holds many splendors that one cannot overlook. Travelers and tourists planning to have their next getaway in this “large island” of the Southern Hemisphere should indeed have the notion of a must-see list of destinations, hence pre-planning their adventure(s) would be important.
The main attractions in beautiful Australia are inclusive of multiple national parks, vast and lush forests, galleries and museums not to mention the picturesque beaches found here.

5. The Blue Mountains National Park
Travelers / tourists probably realize that national parks are some of the best tourist attractions in Australia. Blue Mountains National Park (or rather the Blue Mountains National Reserve) is one such park situated 81 km west of the city of Sydney, New South Wales. Geographically, this park is located in the high plateaus region that is crossed by numerous valleys and rivers. The area is also home to the highest mountain, Mt. Werong, a destination much loved by hikers and climbers.

4. Fraser Island
If you are out looking for natural attractions, Fraser Island should definitely be in your must-visit list. This island is the largest sand island in the whole world spanning over 184,000 hectares and stretching over 120 km of the beautiful coast of Fraser. The island is located on the eastern coast in south east Queensland. It is also enlisted in the UNSCO Patrimony. The relief of the island consists of numerous sweet water lakes, a rich tropical forest, naturally-colored sandstones, many rivers and picturesque white sandy beaches.

3. The Sydney Opera House and the City of Sydney
Built close to the promontory of Bennelong, the Sydney Opera House is the city’s symbol and ranks among the most popular attractions in Australia. Every year, the City of Sydney receives art lovers, most of whom come to visit this absolutely fascinating monument. The Opera House was designed by renowned Danish architect, John Utzon, and was built in a “modernist style”. The monument consists of 6 auditoriums housing operas, ballet shows as well as theatres. For outdoor presentations, there is an open air amphitheater.
Away from the Sydney Opera House, you can also enjoy picturesque as well as gorgeous views of the Sydney Harbor and stroll the Australian coastline. Other top tourist s attractions you can enjoy when in Sydney include: The Rocks, Darling Harbor, the AMP Tower, the Sydney Olympic Park, and the numerous Sydney Beaches (such as Manly and the famous Bondi Beach).

2. The Great Barrier Reef
Formed over 10,000 years ago, slightly after passing of the last Ice Age, this reef is recognized as one of the oldest yet largest living coral reefs in the whole world. The Great Barrier Reef or the Great Coral Reef boasts of being the most famous marine protected area and is well enlisted in the UNESCO Patrimony and is also one of the “Wonders of the World”. This indescribable nature’s marvel stretches over 2300 km all across the north-eastern coastline, all the way from Bundanber to Cap York. This marine marvel is the biggest coral reef system worldwide, housing well over 500 species of coral polyps, 4000 mollusk species and over 1500 fish species. This is a must-see site that any tourist should never miss.

1. Tasmania
Coming in at first position is the state of Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia located in the island of Tasmania, which is separated from the mainland by the renowned Bass Strait. The landscape is entailed of pristine landscapes, mountains, abandoned beaches, as well as 17 National Parks. If you are an intrepid traveler, this is definitely a wholesome destination, named one of the best in Australia. The atmosphere here is absolutely clean, the nature is undisturbed, with hundreds of lakes, numerous yet unique flora and fauna, and the forgotten beaches have a total mystical touch. Tasmania is one of the very picturesque destinations that you will never forget.
The biggest attraction in travelling is the feeling of total isolation. Here, in Australia, it is very easy to locate that abandoned beach, or an isolated corner in the jungle. You can also enjoy a myriad water sports. Whether it’s a business or family trip, this country will be the best choice for that unforgettable vacation.

Author Bio: The authorNicola Williamsis from UK. She is a professional content writer and a blogger. Most of her articles include her travel experiences. Her hobbies are travelling, trekking and cooking. Currently she is working on a project Australian visas which helps in visa assistance.

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