The Best Parks to Go To See Wolves

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Travel Features >> The Best Parks to Go To See Wolves

The Best Parks to Go To See Wolves

December 20, 2012

One of the most mystical creatures in the world is the wolf. A lot of stories regarding its role in the supernatural world have long fascinated man. If you are one of those people who would like to see a real wolf in it's natural environment, then you must get your winter clothes ready since these animals tend to work in packs and are usually seen from the cold months from November to early June. Here are some the best places to go to see wolves in the USA:

International Wolf Center
Location: 139 Highway 169, Ely, Minnesota 55731, USA
This sanctuary offers its visitors the chance to see wolves up personal. They try to ensure that the wolves are well fed and have their own shelter though they are allowed to stray away from the area. In here, you can meet the ambassador wolves, who usually come in exhibit packs.

Wolf Park
Location: 400 East 800 North Battle Ground, Indiana 47920, USA
This sanctuary is open to the public during summer time. The park was founded in 1972 by the biologist Erich Klinghammer. The aim of the sanctuary was to research about the behavior of the wolf and to educate the public of these researches. If you want to have an adventure of a lifetime and also share a wonderful night, then don't forget to join Wolf Park-In's Saturday night wolf howls.

Mission Wolf
Location: Westcliffe, CO 81252, Colorado, USA
If you are in the Colorado area and you are eager to see wolves, then how about visiting Mission Wolf? This sanctuary is actually an educational and rescue facility that provides tours and volunteering programs. They house around 30 wolves and hybrids. Aside from their facility, they also conduct lectures around the country regarding these animals. This sanctuary have been protecting, rescuing and educating people about wolves for over 20 years. If you visit their sanctuary, you will get to see different type of wolves and wolf-dogs.

Isle Royale National Park
Location: Isle National Park 800 East Lakeshore Drive Houghton, Michigan, USA
This national park is on an island and is only accessible by boats. It was believed that the gray wolfs walked onto an ice bridge in 1940 to settle down in this quiet island, which is also home to a big population of moose. The place is a sanctuary for those who enjoy a quiet place because of its isolation. If you want to see the gray wolves, you can join their volunteer program or spend a day at the national park. The place is also home to some researches and as a national park, it is protected by Rangers.

Wolf Education and Recovery Center
Location: Winchester, Idaho, USA
If you want to see a wolf in its natural environment and state then, visit this area. However, they do not promise you that you can see one if you visit, but you are going to hear them howl and if you are lucky enough, you might see one pack. If you reserved a tour from them, you are going to experience visiting the trail that these wolves have walked in, and also visit a pack's home. These tours do not take place after dark, to ensure safety.

If you have the chance to donate, visit, learn and discover the truth about wolves, then don't hesitate to do so. There are only a few of their kind today. Educate yourself about these wonderful creatures of the night, and help them live a better life.

Author's Bio: Rob has just travelled to Australia on a sabbatical (like a gap year for grown ups) and has been bitten by the travel bug - he could have been bitten by a lot worse in the land Down Under! So for a unique insight on getting away from it all, visit us here.

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