Thanksgiving Day 2014 Celebrations in USA

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Travel Features >> Thanksgiving Day 2014 Celebrations in USA

Thanksgiving Day 2014 Celebrations in USA

November 11, 2014

Traditionally Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA with a lot of zeal and is generally a time for families to gather and renew their ties and bonds with each other. It spells family time and fun times, fun and frolic and generally puts everyone in a mellow mood. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year and is when communal thanksgiving is given to the Lord. It is a time that everyone looks forward to – the 4 day holidays, the reunions, the feasting and the general bonhomie that fills the air. This year Thanksgiving festival is on 27 November 2014.

History of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is primarily a harvest festival and was initiated in the year 1621 in Plymouth after a particularly severe winter – Plymouth is located on the east coast of Massachusetts where the Pilgrims had settled and in since they reaped a good harvest the Governor declared it a period of Thanksgiving. It is said that Thanksgiving has its roots in English traditions, given that most of the immigrants in the New England area in the northeast of America came in from England.Today it is celebrated by one and all in America and Canada as this spells the season of joy, and a precursor to the holidays of Christmas and New Year.

Feasting, festivities and family reunions
The Thanksgiving festival is a time give gratitude for all the good things one has received in life. This is a day of making merry, with families getting together to re-establish bonds and family ties. The period of Thanksgiving in the USA is considered to be a time for celebration with family and close friends with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner being the central event that is looked forward to. This meal is prepared for well in advance and traditional dishes like roast Turkey served with cranberry sauce and accompanied by pumpkin pie and corn is generally on the menu.

Black Friday Sales are on throughout the country and you can shop for a steal at rock bottom prices In fact people await the start of the Black Friday sales to stock up and buy all the gifts they need. Flowers and gifts are exchanged between family members and a feeling of kinship and camaraderie permeate the celebrations. Everyone looks forward to this extended weekend and these holidays are planned well in advance.

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