Surviving the Middle Seat on an Airplane

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Travel Features >> Surviving the Middle Seat on an Airplane

Surviving the Middle Seat on an Airplane

April 19, 2013

You have a long flight ahead in a cooped up plane and you are stuck with the middle seat! If you are going on a holiday, then that’s enough to take put a dampener on your upcoming vacation. But keep your spirits up and it really isn’t a disaster waiting to happen. Here are some pointers and tips on how to survive the middle seat. Follow them and make sure your journey is a pleasant one, not with-standing the middle seat!

Request for change
If you see the plane is not full up, be sure to request the flight attendant for a seat change to a more comfortable one. Do so as soon as you board the flight, and chances are if the flight load is low they will move you to a better seat when the flight takes off. So don’t be shy!

Middle seat etiquette on arm rests
Mark your territory, especially if you are on a longish flight. Etiquette demands that if you are stuck between two people on the middle seat then both arm rests are yours! Of course it would be simpler if you politely requested your neighbours on either side if you could use the arm rests. More likely than not, they will agree.

Using the restroom
Try and use the restroom once just before boarding thereby minimizing having to go too often on the plane. According to statistics, people are embarrassed and hate to say “Excuse me, I need to go to the loo” to their neighbour on the aisle seat. Also, do go before your neighbor starts to watch a movie or falls asleep, so you will not have to disturb them and stumble all over to get to the aisle. Use the opportunity to stretch your legs and take a walk up and down the aisle before getting back into the cramped situation of your middle seat.

Sleep aids
Be sure to carry a travel neck pillow. Believe me it’s a wonderful invention and saves you from you dropping off and resting on your neighbour’s shoulder to use as a support or vice versa. Make use of eye masks to shut out the light, and head phones will help with the noise level, as also a talkative neighbor who insists on making small talk with you.

Take heed of the tips above and you will find that the middle seat is not so bad, and before you know it the journey will be over and you will be on the ground! Enjoy the ride.

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