Skiing Holidays for the family

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Travel Features >> Skiing Holidays for the family

Skiing Holidays for the family

April 29, 2013

A skiing holiday can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Snowy landscapes are very pretty and there is always plenty to do in a ski resort. Children can learn to ski at a very young age and often learn much faster if they start early; there are also ski schools for adults for those that did not learn as a child. It is important to choose an appropriate resort if you are planning a family skiing holiday, as some are more suited to beginners and families than others.

Do your research
Planning and researching in advance are vital for a family ski holiday; you need to know all about the resorts and advanced booking can also get you some great deals on classes and lift passes. Check out a range of review sites for ski resorts and choose ones that have a good range of easy slopes (usually blue) or a variety if you are a mixed ability group. Look at the reviews for ski schools, almost every resort will have them but not all are the same quality; make sure you pick one with qualified instructors, especially if you are planning to send your children to them. The prices at resorts vary a lot; you can get some good advanced deals, but there may be some equally good value for money last minute deals to be had so check out all the possibilities.

Equip yourselves
The correct clothing is very important for a skiing holiday; layers are key when it comes to exercising in the cold weather. If you have enough time before you go wait for the sales at outdoor and adventure stores; ski clothing will be much cheaper if you can buy it out of season. You can carry babies and small children in body harnesses if you are confident you can ski well enough for their safety; if you have small children on skis then reins are a good idea to keep them nearby. For older children invest in walkie talkies so you can stay in contact without expensive mobile phone bills that rely on getting a signal up a mountain; you can even get ones with a GPS chip so that you can locate your children in an emergency.

A skiing holiday for the whole family can be a great bonding experience and you will all enjoy the exercise and come away with new or improved skills. Check out the other activities at your resort before booking in case you don't want to ski every day and have a great time.

Author Bio: Molly Turner is a keen skier and writes regularly for a range of blogs and websites on the topic. She loves a good ski holiday and has taken her children on them from a very early age; putting them in ski school on some occasions. She hopes to continue to explore new and emerging ski resorts over the next few years.

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