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Travel Features >> Ski Resorts In Surprising Places

Ski Resorts In Surprising Places

January 06, 2014

If you're tired of skiing the same old pistes, it could be time to chase a different breed of adventure. The art of the ski slope is a much more complicated one than you would ever expect. There are slopes all across the world, even in some of the hottest places on earth. Would you be surprised to find out that there are various ski slopes in Africa, Lebanon, Australia and Dubai? It's true that even diehard skiing fans tend not to know about these off-kilter locations. It's almost ludicrous to think of ski resorts in a country like Australia but it actually has at least five, say experts at the Guardian. The slope in Dubai is an indoor one, but it's still more than a little impressive. It's a $400 million dollar ski resort in the middle of the desert. You can achieve anything these days with the right amount of cash.

Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai
As one of the wealthiest and fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai has a reputation for opulence and extreme luxury. The climate might be arid and dry, but you can do anything with $400 million. It is a country that is famous for its water parks, so why shouldn't Dubai be famous for its ski slopes? It may be in the desert, but anything is possible - including a 60 metre high indoor mountain. Yes, that is correct, they've built an artificial mountain complete with ski lifts and ice caves. The resort itself is over 22,500 square metres, so there's no jostling for space on the slopes. We're not finished yet - Ski Dubai has its own family of penguins who come out to play with visitors several times a day, say the experts.

Lesotho, South Africa
Most people have never even heard of Lesotho - a tiny little country just within the borders of South Africa. In fact, only the most dedicated skiing fans are aware of it as it is home to one of the world's most charming resorts. It's quite a small resort, but that's because Lesotho itself is a tiny republic. It is situated in the Maluti mountain range, so it offers visitors spectacular views of South Africa. The staff here are renowned for their excellent service, and there's just something rather magical in the air. It's true that Lesotho doesn't have the biggest or the baddest slopes , but it does have some of the most beautiful ones. According to Travel Away journalist Miruna Corneanu, this is a ski resort that will melt your heart.

Mauna Kea, Hawaii
If you're surprised to find out that South Africa has a world renowned ski resort, you'll be even more flabbergasted to hear about the Mauna Kea resort in Hawaii. It sits on the tallest and most sacred peak in the country - a 4,205 metre high volcano. You can expect the views here to blow your mind, and get your skis moving like lightening. There are very few developments in the area, so don't try this one unless you're happy with a lot of peace and quiet. You won't find any bars, nightclubs or restaurants on Mauna Kena, but it is home to some of the world's most important scientific centres. The slopes at Mauna Kea are for diehard snow sports fans only - anything less and you can't hope to be worthy of this wild and rugged landscape. It's just like Hawaii to let visitors ski down a volcano!

Author Bio: Peter Dench writes for an international snow sports magazine. He believes that nothing beats a real piste and recommends checking out ChezNous holiday cottages when travelling in France. Peter can usually be found packing for his next skiing trip, or writing about his favourite slopes.

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