Russia ~ Lake Baikal, the Deepest Lake in the World

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Travel Features >> Russia ~ Lake Baikal, the Deepest Lake in the World

Russia ~ Lake Baikal, the Deepest Lake in the World

July 18, 2013

If you plan on visiting Russia anytime soon, be sure to include Lake Baikal on your travel itinerary. Known as the country’s most amazing natural wonders, the stunning lake will charm you with its opulence from a very first glimpse. Also known as “The Pearl of Siberia”, Baikal was declared in 1996 a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its indigenous species and stunning sights.

Introducing Lake Baikal
As soon as you plunge into Russia’s evergreen Siberian forests toward Mongolia, you’ll notice how the terrains bouncing. It’s a sign that you’re approaching the border between Siberian Russia and Mongolia, which seems to be a naturally division made up of mountains and rugged hills. This description is enough to give you the goose bumps, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you approach the gigantic stone bowl that is home to Lake Baikal. Outstanding and rather untouchable, it has a length of nearly 363 km and a width of 80 km, providing almost 25% of the global fresh water.

Unforgettable scenery
The lake is also famous for being the deepest in the world, with a depth of around 1,620 meters. This piece of information taken alone attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Travelers who will explore Lake Baikal will gain some unforgettable memories related not only to the lake, but also to its surrounding area, which seems to be taken out from an exquisite painting. Walking on the forested shores of this lake while admiring the Barguzin Mountains and their snow-clad peaks is one of tourists’ favorite activities, and it’s definitely worth being captured on their cameras.

Lake Baikal – are you visiting in winter or summer?
The best part about Russia’s Lake Baikal is that even though its appearance is completely different in the winter, you will still consider it a hauntingly beautiful destination. The lake’s ice is so thick, that the Trans-Siberian Railway could run over the surface without any risks. If you love winter and its games, you will definitely enjoy taking a tour of the lake by sleigh. Even though sleighing becomes less interesting once you get older, this time you will actually feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Knowing that you’re virtually standing on the deepest lake in the world can be quite overwhelming.

Visiting Lake Baikal during summer is also a great choice, especially if you can’t stand the Russian harsh winters. You can walk on the lake’s colored shores that will get crowded with different seasonal flowers, or you can embark upon a boat tour and admire its crystalline waters whose transparency allows you to see even at a forty-meter depth. Besides, you can have the time of your life hiking among the streams, forests, and several waterfalls that can be found in Baikal’s parks.

Wildlife and landscapes
Lake Baikal is provided with so many interesting activities, that it’s impossible not to find something you like. Whether you’re an animal lover or a nature enthusiast, the lake can provide you with unforgettable memories. As home to a wide range of animals and plants, you will never get bored during your visit, and you will also get the chance to admire some species that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth, such as the nerpas. The surrounding forests are a delight to animal lovers, and they will come across elks, sables and bears at any moment.

Lake Baikal has the ability to change your view on nature and life with its pure waters and beautiful surrounding shores. Whether you’re planning a romantic holiday in Russia or you want to spend quality time with your entire family, Lake Baikal should definitely be one of your priorities.

Chances are you will never see anything like that again, considering that the area is known as a sublime holiday destination, famous for its excellent hiking opportunities, fine beaches, pleasure boating, and for giving tourists the chance to admire some of the most amazing species of birds in the world. With over 1,000 plant species and 1,500 animal species, the lake has a pretty rich biodiversity. Most animals are endemic, so make sure you photograph them all prior to leaving this amazing place.

Author Bio: Davis Miller wrote this article. He is an ordinary guy but have an extraordinary passion for traveling and visiting different places. He is a senior editor at a website that is Specialist in Baltic holidays and holidays at Eastern Europe.

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