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Travel Features >> Road Trips are the Way to Go

Road Trips are the Way to Go

October 09, 2013

The word “road trip” sparks off the thoughts of fun and relaxation to them who have ever had a chance to taste the experience. It is one of the most interesting options to take rather than getting there by any other means due to its adventurous nature that offers a well- mixed series of reactions. A road trip is not only fun to undertake, but it also comes along with a list of other benefits whether it's a journey from Exeter to Newcastle or Birmingham to Norwich. Theses includes:

Saving time and money
Time - Ever missed a flight or got to the station, only to find the train entry doors closing and on its way out? The feeling is often awful and this happens mostly when one has to cover a distance in order to get to the airport or the subway station. This is sorted out by taking a road trip since the vehicles may be picked from a convenient point and thus most of the time spent is geared towards getting closer to the destination.
Money - A road trip that is organized by two or more colleagues where one vehicle is to be used saves on the resources that could have been spent in fuelling individual vehicles. This may be used to indulge along the way.

Comfort assurance
Choice of the vehicle to use solely depends on the traveller with options ranging from 4 by 4 SUVs to public service vehicles. It's important to ensure that the seats are cosy and there is enough leg space. A dash of one’s favourite scent should be sprayed in the vehicle to enhance freshness and uplift the mood.

Open schedule
Traveling schedule is most of the times fixed by the transport agents thus limiting a traveller only to the places that appear on the list. This may be opened up by taking a private road trip where the decision on where to have a stop-over is left for the participants to make. This ensures that all interesting spots are visited thus making the trip more enjoyable.

Road trips enhances bonding between the participants if the traveling objective is one. One may decide to sit next to someone who is talkative thus making the journey interesting by discussing the details of the trip as they come by. When using public means, initiating a chat with the person sitting close-by may open up endless opportunities in the future.

Scenic beauty enjoyment
Sight of the green vegetation, the hills, valleys or even wild animals gives one such an amazing feeling while travelling. One may also enjoy the different weather conditions as the journey progresses from one climatic zone to another especially if one is sited next to the window. There is an option of inquiring about the most scenic route to take when getting to the destination by contacting the Travelodge number.

Luggage control
No luggage control is necessary where one decides to take a private road trip and one may decide to carry anything that will be required to make the trip a success. This may be ones favourite teddy bear, a pet or anything else.

These are some of the reasons why one may opt to travel by road thus making the trip memorable and a memory in their bucket-list.

Author Bio: Fia Augusta is an article writer, and travel fascinates her; being a travel enthusiast, she know quite a lot about travelling and stuff related to it. The best part of travelling is sharing. If travel interests you in a way it does Fia, get in touch with her at Travelodge phone number.

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