Pushkar and the Blue Lotus Festival 2013

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Travel Features >> Pushkar and the Blue Lotus Festival 2013

Pushkar and the Blue Lotus Festival 2013

October 26, 2012

Pushkar is considered to be one of the oldest cities in India, however its date of creation is unknown and hazed by mythology. It is said it was formed by the tears of Lord Shiva which were caused by the death of his wife, Sati. Another myth says that Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the earth – which formed Pushkar, hence name of the city means in Sanskrit blue lotus flower.

In the middle of Pushkar there is its heart - a lake,with 52 ghats which lead toward ritual sacred bathing. The Lake is surrounded by hundreds of milky-coloured temples. Unfortunately, only few of the old temples remain, and most have been rebuilt or renovated. Pushkar is a place filled with tradition and mysticism attracts thousands of pilgrims each year. The Annual Camel Fair held in November gives another reason for visiting Pushkar when the town for five days is dominated by camels and their fanciers. Safaris heading into the Great Indian Desert of Thar are one of many attractions at that time.

Pushkar has another annual attraction both for habitants and tourists. A traditional Indian music festival adopted its original name and called the Blue Lotus Festival, will be held in Pushkar between 13th and 18th February 2013. Its purpose is to collect in one place and at the same time most of authentic genres of Indian music. So these are the genres that will be presented: Qawaali, Bhajan, Kafi, Bheth, Waai, Chang Nritya, Kalibelia, Shram Geet, Deru, Jangda, Lokgeet, Bhangra, Luddi and other.

Everyone can find something to enjoy – lyrical poetry, dynamic melodies, hypnotizing dances or colorful spectacles. Not to give you even a tiny opportunity to get bored the organizers have prepared an extensive program. Mornings start with yoga and art of living classes to give you boost of energy for the whole day. In the afternoons participants may choose between musical workshops run with festival artists or documentary film screenings. And then the concerts begin! Each evening selected Indian artists perform in a beautiful surroundings of green hills. On the other hand, in the evening you may join a public performance taking place in one of Pushkar landmarks or monuments. That will give an opportunity to mix with the locals and feel the atmosphere of the city. All that time great selection of meals from all over the India awaits hungry participants at the area of Blue Lotus Festival. Ananta Spa&Resorts will host the festival.

Blue Lotus Festival program is rich in attraction. However, it is up to you to decide whether you follow it step-by-step or be flexible. That depends on how much time you want to spend in Pushkar -adjust your program to your interests so you won’t regret any missed chance like for example climbing to Savitri Temple which is famous for amazing views. Take a moment to research Pushkar attractions and Blue Lotus Festival program. You don’t need to bother about date, though. On 13th February 2013 be in Pushkar – that’s settled!

De Kulture Music has been dedicated to preserving authentic Indian music since 2007. Once the organization identifies genuine artists they undertake recording, documenting and promoting of their music both in India and abroad. Their approach to musicians is to make sure that revenue reaches the artists and their communities. Read more on Blue Lotus Festival.

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