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Travel Features >> Peaceful and Serene Getaways

Peaceful and Serene Getaways

December 05, 2012

Twined in our own labyrinths many a times we forget what we are chasing. Then comes a point when we are lost and it suddenly dawns on us that what we are looking for ‘peace’. But what is peace? Is it something to search for in the mountains or to seek in the wild? Is it something we can actually get from external sources or we need to introspect? Although there are a plethora of places that offer succour to one’s soul, enough to relax and rejuvenate one plodding being, hand picking a few is a Herculean task, but nothing is impossible and creation of a list of the “definitely not-to-miss” places to get a perfect peaceful getaway can be endeavoured.

To begin, if the clear air of countryside is what one craves for, Durham, a city in the north eastern England is for sure a place to be on the list. The place is blessed with miles of untouched countryside areas in Durham Dales and North Pennines with spectacular spectacles and charm. The Durham's Heritage Coast and the city on a whole have a very tranquil ambience giving the tourists just what they look for.

On similar European grounds, even Lisbon is one of the places, which can boast of a 0.1% crime rate and offer a place of ideal serenity. Though the city is urbanised and is the capital city of Portugal, it still has the magnetism to pull all the tourists aiming to go to a place where satisfaction resides in its air! Blessed with beautiful memories from the Roman era, the city should definitely be on your must-visit list.

Our neighbour country Bhutan too offers one a perfect site for finding peace in the land of Buddha! It is said, that the place is so quiet that one can hear one self speak from distance!! Mountains, monks and “moksha” are the 3 words which describe the place the best and is one place which no one should miss at all. Topping the “Happiness Quotient” ranking in the world, Bhutanese are filled with love and compassion making their abode a lure for all.

However, if water is what gives your soul a blissful serenity and contentment, New Zealand is where one must be. Mostly isolated, the country is filled with clear skies and divine waters. Ranked as number 1 in 2009 on the Global Peace Index, tourists flock to the nation to enjoy the beats of Milford Sound, beauty of the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers and beckoning visage of Mount Cook, along with the other vivid scenic treasures it stores.

Water indeed is a source of life, soothing every scar and healing every ailment, even a sight of it! Tuvalu (in the middle of Micronesia) is one of such destinations which is guarded by the sea god from all sides, making it one of the safest and farthest places in the world, and is also the third least populated country in the world.

Similarly, Seychelles, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is known to be one of places to drown one’s worries into its calming waters. The beautiful island country is as transparent from conflicts as its waters, making it a haven for solitude seekers away from the maddening crowd. In fact the royal couple Prince William and his wife Kate even honeymooned in Seychelles!

Iceland and Finland, of course, do make it to any such list as their remote locations and their non-interference with the outside world to a larger extent bestow them with an atmosphere, which every busy bee would envy! For Iceland, it is indeed said that if the world was to be torn apart, it would be one of the very few nations to remain unaffected to a great degree. And for Finland, its calm is so renowned that the nation joins the list of the world’s top 10 always; and thus people deck it as an ultimate site to disappear into.

A surprise to the list is Papua New Guinea, which is still in the phase of being discovered. Natural splendour and charisma is all what one can get in this gorgeous canopy covered, mountainous region, lending it a flawless state, offering insulation from the mechanical fast paced world, and being one of the best areas for those looking for a change in the lap of Nature.

To conclude, Costa Rica is also one such destination festooned with innumerable badges of peace and ranks high in the Global Peace Index, Happy Planet Index and Life Satisfaction Index. One of its main attractions is the irony, that despite sitting in the centre of a tumultuous section of the world, it possesses a stable democracy, a split military base and a national policy of neutrality.

All in all, the world has a lot to offer to all that one craves for and may be this list is just a start, and there still remain a lot many places, which can be a paradise on earth!

-Contributed by Nupur Kaudan

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