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Offbeat Travel Around the World

November 16, 2011

What's the one thing that makes you want to get up and go? In the big bizarre bazaar that's travel, what's your itch - what indeed is your personal have-money-will-travel switch? Here's a guide that helps you get a perspective - hidden in these neat categories are some travel treasures - offbeat travel ideas, events and places that are guaranteed to have you reaching for your bags.

Consider a toilet museum in Delhi, get confused over Underground art in London, get cosy in a Swedish ice hotel, coo with your beau at the Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands or catch sports like a chukker of pucca pachyderm polo in Nepal.

That's the lead-in. For more details, keep scrolling, keep clicking…

Maverick Museums: Explore one-of-a- kind museums that are different yet special – in these museums you will not find the usual masterpiece paintings, nor the finely chiseled sculptures, no heirlooms and artifacts. Instead get lost in world of rice cakes and utensils in Korea, see a fan collection or get the lowdown on how spies operate at Washington DC. We promise it will be an eye opener and museums will never mean fuddy-duddy moth balled places again!

Come see for yourself. To read about unusual museums, click here>>

Great Gardens: A garden filled with flowers is certainly a lovely sight and has the power to bring you back to nature. The riot of colour in the flowerbeds, the green rolling lawns and shady trees – all bring succor to the soul, especially one that lived in a busy city surrounded by a concrete jungle. The garden can be a patch, an endless tulip field, a well laid out Japanese garden or even a palace garden with dancing fountains!

So where are these pretty well-manicured gardens? To find out, click here>>

Sports Spectrum: So you are a sportsman at heart and a good game of tennis or a fast paced football game gives you a high like no other. But have you ever witnessed a sport of a different dimension - underwater rugby or the princely game of polo played on elephant backs, perhaps?

Discover new ways of getting your adrenaline going, click here>>

Infamous Prisons: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be cooped up in a cell for years on end like Anne Boleyn who was locked up in the dreaded Tower of London. Or the recently freed Nelson Mandela or the offenders from the mainland of India who were exiled to the Andaman Islands to spend the rest of their lives in confinement? The reasons these prisons or jails are well known are diverse: some for the high profile inmates they housed, some for daring escapes that were planned and mostly succeeded and others, well for their barbaric and inhuman treatment of their prisoners.

To know more details on these famous prisons, click here>>

Room with a View: Are you looking to stay in a hotel that is ‘different’? Perhaps in an ice hotel in Sweden or a compact capsule in Japan, and other options that have you sleeping with the fish or animal lovers in a dog shaped hotel…the hotels we have listed are comfortable, but yes, weird and unusual choices for the adventurous soul in you.

To start exploring your funky hotel options, click here>>

Striking Structures: In the old days all you need were bricks and mortar to build a structure and maybe a simple design. Architecture today has hit new highs – from the beautiful to the bizarre, buildings today are sometimes functional and sometimes works of sheer art. Gape at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, ogle at the sail shaped Burj al Aarab in Dubai – they are all striking and are bound to leave an impression on you!

To learn more about unusual buildings, click here>>

Artistic License: Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. And beauty can lie anywhere, not necessarily in a museum. So go away from the usual stuff that art as the word is universally understood comprises of, and open up a whole new world where the art form could be a truck intricately painted and relating a story or even finding your intrinsic self in the ‘dreaming’ that the Aborigines believe in.

To delve into unusual art forms, click here>>

Streets Apart: A street is a street. How different can it be? Let’s take you on a serendipitous trip around the world and help you discover streets that are destinations and sights in themselves. Some are busy, some are hip and happening, some are crooked and some are mazes that reek of history and exotica… Interested?

Get started on finding the best streets in the world by clicking here>>

Busy Bazaars: The dictionary defines bazaar as a ‘market place where a variety of goods are sold’. So as its name suggests, all the markets covered here are bazaars in the true sense of the word. From the bizarre to the boring, they’ll have everything. At all these places there are two rules: a) bargain-bargain-bargain b) beware of pickpockets! And yes, take your camera along!

So here’s the list:
- Stumble on treasures at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok
- Discover the very heart of Kathmandu at Thamel
- Camden Markets in London can give any Asian market a run for their money
- From spices to souks Khan el Khalili at Cairo is a must visit!
- Trawl the Flea Market Waterloopleinmarkt at Amsterdam for fantastic bargains!

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