Mount Kanchenjunga ~ A Peak of Magnificence

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Travel Features >> Mount Kanchenjunga ~ A Peak of Magnificence

Mount Kanchenjunga ~ A Peak of Magnificence

June 29, 2016

Whenever it comes to describing Kanchenjunga, a complete book can be written. Right from the name tale, geographical location to history of first ascent, there is so much to talk about. This content is a little attempt to provide a glimpse of this phenomenal gift of Mother Nature.

Stretched at an elevation of 28,169 feet, Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain of the world. Dressed in snow, this peak is beautifully located on the boundaries of Nepal and Sikkim (an Indian state). It is certainly one of the most scintillating gems of the grand Himalayan ranges.

The Name Tale
‘Kanchenjunga’ is not the only name given to this peak; in fact this mountain has a little twisted tale of name. As per the Tibetan pronunciation, it is spelled as ‘Kangchenjunga’. This spelling was officially taken up by Freshfield, A. M. Kellas, and the Royal Geographical Society. Later, three brothers of Munich - Hermann, Adolf and Robert Schlagintweit, gave another twist in the spelling. They spelled it as ‘Kanchinjinga’, which means ‘the five treasures of the high snow’ as per the Tibetan language.
In addition to this, there are oodles of other alternative spellings such as:
• Kangchen Dzö-nga
• Kanchenjanga
• Kachendzonga
• Kanchenjunga
• Kangchanfanga

Account of First Ascent
Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.
- By Barry Finlay
It was 25th May 1955 when two British climbers – Joe Brown and George Band made the first ascent over Kanchenjunga. This date and these two names have been registered in the golden pages of history.
Though Joe Brown and George Band were the first two to climb the peak, the team also included Norma Hardie, Tony Streather, John Clegg, Charles Evans, John Angelo Jackson, Neil Mather, and Tom Mackinnon. Norma Hardie and Tony Streather were the next two persons to reach the mount on 26th May, 1995.

Travelers’ Delight
Owing to its prime location, Mt. Kanchenjunga can be seen from Sikkim as well as Darjeeling. The high altitude enhances its visibility from distant places. Further travelers who fall for adventure and at the same time are genuine aficionados of nature, the Kanchenjunga base camp trek is a must for them. Some of the highlights of this trek include:
• Presence of exotic and rare species of flora and fauna. A renowned British explorer Freshfield visited this area in the late 19th century and acclaimed this peak as a heaven for botanists.
• Various ancient remote monasteries form the part of the trek.
• The trek allows the visitors to roam around and witness various wonders of nature.

The mount witnesses high snowfall in summers and monsoons, on the other hand, lesser during the winters. However, monsoons are not good for trekking and thus the best seasons are March to June and August to November. Further being a challenging expedition, it is recommended to get a professional assistance.

The thrill concealed in Kanchenjunga trekking tour, Sikkim is unmatched and the picturesque view of the peak is a treat to eyes. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that Kanchenjunga is one of those natural jewels that offer beauty along with adventure.

Author Bio: Zara Jones is a professional writer and travelogue. Passionate for tourism, she has traveled and explored entire offbeat trekking destination in Indian Himalaya region. Currently she is rendering information about Kanchenjunga base camp trek which is a 36 day trek.
Photo Source: hikinginnepal

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