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Travel Features >> Formula One Race Circuits

Formula One Race Circuits

September 17, 2012

Formula 1, F1, the Grand Prix – call it what you will. The Formula 1 Car Racing Championship is the most prestigious car racing event in the world with the fastest of cars and the most daring of drivers, taking part. Speed thrills, and how! When these world class race drivers step on the gas to race around street courses or road circuits, spectators can feel their adrenaline flowing, and it is perhaps the most exciting sport there is on the planet.

Though the Formula One came into existence in 1946, the idea was mooted as early as the 1930’s. Interestingly the term Formula One refers to the set of rules that the cars used in race must comply with. The first formal set of Formula One World Championship Races took place in 1950 with six of them being in Europe and the Indianapolis 500.

There are twenty circuits and tracks that are used for the Formula One event. Most tracks and circuits are constructed specially for this purpose, other circuits are closed street ones and yet others are public streets like the one in Monte Carlo. A typical circuit will start on a straight road where the start point is and the circuit normally runs in a clockwise direction. There are a few circuits that run in the opposite direction but it is said that these circuits cause a lot of stress and strain on the driver.

Over the years the Formula One World has developed into a world event with a huge following of fans and enthusiasts that travel from all over to witness this fantastic spectacle of speed of man and machine!

Some Formula One Circuits:

A Ring Circuit, Austria: This is located in Zeltweg, Austria and to date 7 Grand Prix events have been held on this closed track. Formula One withdrew from this circuit in 1987 citing safety reasons, as a couple of crashes took place. Rebuilt in 1996-1997 and redesigned by Hermann Tilke, to the circuit it is today, the course was named after the cell phone company A Ring.

Adelaide Street Circuit, Australia: This is a street circuit and also known as the Adelaide Parklands Circuit. It has hosted 11 Formula One events since 1985 and was also the venue of the shortest race in the history of the Formula One as rain halted the race after only 14 laps.

Albert Park, Melbourne: A street circuit, with parts of the track having been built for the purpose, this has been the venue for 17 Grand Prix between 1996 and 2012. A relatively easy drive, racers have to negotiate 16 turns, each differing from the previous one, making it a challenging course.

Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain: The circuit was inaugurated in 2004 and has been host to 8 Formula One races to date and in 2007 was received the FIA award for excellence in safety, race marshal and medical facilities. Since it is located in the middle of a desert, an adhesive was sprayed on the surrounding sands to prevent it from flying on to the course and disrupting the event!

Brands Hatch, England: Situated in Kent this has been the site for 14 Grand Prix races. With two circuits – one short and the longer one that is used for the Formula One races, the Brands Hatch circuit also hosts motor cycle and other international and local motor racing events.

Buddh International Circuit, India: The newest kid on the block, this circuit was inaugurated in 2011 and hosted the first Indian Grand Prix. Located at Greater Noida within spitting distance of the capital city of New Delhi, this circuit was designed by Herman Tilke. It has a high speed layout and extremely challenging corners that have to be negotiated by skilful drivers.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada: Located in Montreal, this circuit has been home to the Canadian Grand Prix for 30 years and is built on an island. The circuit is deemed to be quite difficult as the barriers are close to the track and have been the scene of many an accident in the past. Button and Vettel have also collided into this infamous wall in recent years.

Circuit de Monaca, Monaco: Perhaps the most well known of all circuits, this circuit is laid out in the streets of Monte Carlo and has a picturesque run hugging the coastline. It’s a tight circuit with twists and hairpin bends that require the driver to be extremely skilful. Every year in May the Monaco Grand Prix takes place and it draws people from all over the world.

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona: This one is a favourite with the drivers. With over 22 Spanish Grand Prix events having been held here near Barcelona the circuit has 16 turns and is often used as a testing ground and so drivers are familiar with the track.

Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore: Between 2008 -2011 Singapore has been the location for four Grand Prix races. The 5.073 km long track runs alongside the harbor and is known to be a difficult course with sharp corners and a bit of a bumpy ride.

Monza Circuit, Italy: Located near Milan this circuit has seen 62 Italian Grand Prix races take place here. Straight stretches on this track see the F1 cars regularly shoot over the 320 kmph mark, but unfortunately the accident rate here is also high.

Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia: Used for the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix races, this is yet another circuit designed by Hermann Tilke. A straight back and wide corners with one tight hairpin bend is what sets this course apart.

Silverstone Circuit, England: Synonymous with the British Grand Prix, Silverstone was the venue of the first British Grand Prix in 1948 and has been host to 46 Grand Prix events since then. This circuit can offer many different layouts for races and of different levels of difficulty too.

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