Five Unforgettable Luxurious Miami Experiences

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Travel Features >> Five Unforgettable Luxurious Miami Experiences

Five Unforgettable Luxurious Miami Experiences

April 01, 2013

Miami is a fantastic place to have a vacation, and for the luxury traveler Miami certainly has a lot to offer. There’s obviously an endless supply of sun, sand, sea and surfing to keep most tourists more than happy for a long time. Then there’s the hotel experience, and there’s a lot of high end hotels in Miami to choose from, each with their own style and special service.
The trouble is, once you’ve got past the 5* service, the gorgeous room with a stunning view, the delicious cuisine and the beautiful beaches, what then? What else can you do in Miami that creates a set of unforgettable memories? If you’re looking for ideas to create a set of memorable experiences in Miami, then read on!

Sway and Dance
To really feel Miami, you need to get the feel for her music. Put your ear to Miami and you’ll find her beating heart goes to the rhythm of salsa. You can take salsa classes anywhere in the world, but if you really want to feel the heat of the dance and the rhythm of the music then the only place to take a class is here in Miami.
Once you have the moves go and share your passion at one of the local Latin clubs for a truly unforgettable evening of song and dance.

Explore the City
It’s all too easy to see Miami as one giant beach, but if you take the time to hire a boat you can explore a large portion of Miami by travelling along it’s many canals. Miami is often referred to as the American Venice, as this is a beautiful way not just to travel around the city, but also to discover it’s rich history and architecture. This is an absolute must do activity for couples who are holidaying in Miami, as just like Venice the little boat trip is incredibly romantic and highly enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to explore the city!

Get in Touch with Your Wild Side
An experience shared with another is all the more likely to be unforgettable, and one of the most popular locations in Miami is the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. You can visit this venue to get in touch with your wild side, and across the five acre park you’ll come face to face with a number of wild creatures, including lions, snow leopards and so many more.
You can spend a little time petting a tiger cub; yes, you read right, a tiger cub! They say swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience, but that’s got nothing on spending a little one on one time with a baby tiger! As a luxury tourist, you’ll also be pleased to know that the Zoological Wildlife Foundation is happy to cater for exclusive and private tours around the park, getting you even closer to these wild animals.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
If exploring incredible architecture is one of your favorite pastimes then you simply have to take a trip to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This extraordinary picturesque palace is the home to a number of artworks and artifacts.
The museum comprises of a beautiful set of buildings that have to be seen to be believed. It speaks of romantic and grand European design, and it is a location that many luxury tourists head to as one of the earliest destinations. It’s an ideal location for singles, couples and even families.

Lose Yourself at Lincoln Road Mall
If Ocean Drive is a little too crowded for your liking you should definitely head towards Lincoln Road Mall, where Carrie Bradshaw and her ‘Sex and the City’ counterpart characters would look right at home. This fantastic shoppers dream is full of cafes, clubs and cultural hotspots that will delight any and all tourists that take a trip there. The Lincoln Theater is a big attraction for luxury tourists, and it’s the home of the superbly sounding New World Symphony. If you’re after an unforgettable evening of classical music, make sure you book a seat at the theatre!

As you can see, Miami is truly the place to live out your dreams and create some unforgettable memories that you and your travelling party will treasure forever.

Author Bio: The article is written by Davis Miller. He specializes in travel and has a passion to explore different places in the world by Clay Lacy jet charter services.

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