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Travel Features >> Festivals and Events in Europe this Summer

Festivals and Events in Europe this Summer

June 05, 2012

Summer is fun if it is in Europe! So many events, so many festivals and all of them spell fun with a capital F. Come and be part of all the fun and frolic that Europe has to offer in the coming months. Let the corks pop and the champagne flow as fireworks starburst in the skies – it’s party time in Europe this summer. Here we bring you a list of festivals and events that are happening this summer in Europe.

Cheese Rolling Festival, Gloucestershire, England - 4 June 2012
Say cheese, eat cheese and if you are up to it then chase cheese too. Attracting thousands of cheese lovers from all over the UK and abroad, Cheese Rolling Festival is all about a rolling large wheel of ripe Gloucestershire cheese is downhill, which is chased by eager participants, who push and shove in an attempt to be the first to reach the bottom of the hill.

Man versus Horse Marathon, Wales - 9 June 2012
Come to Wales in June and test your strength! See if you can beat a horse in its own game. The Man versus Horse Marathon is one of the most interesting championships of all in Wales where man is pitted against a horse. It's quite something - just don’t miss it.

Bach Festival Leipzig - 7 June to 17 June 2012
If you are a classical music lover, don’t miss the Bach Festival in Leipzig this year. Dedicated to the great musician Johann Sebastian Bach, the Bach Festival is a ten day cultural event showcasing performances by internationally acclaimed musicians, orchestral and choral works along with symphony concerts. A treat for all Bach fans!

San Fermin Fiesta, Pamplona - 6 July to14 July 2012
Join the crowds of revellers as they dance and sing in the streets of Pamplona to kick off Spain’s famed Bull Run to celebrate the fiesta of the city’s patron saint San Fermin. In a ceremony that dates back to the 16th century, the bulls are let out from their corrals, driven and chased through the streets to the Bull Ring in a frenetic scramble of push and shove! The frenzy and excitement builds up to a crescendo of pure unadulterated adrenalin high!

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Copenhagen – 6 July to 15 July 2012
Jazz lovers come together to pay their tribute to the maestro Louis Armstrong at the Copenhagen Jazz Festial in July this year. Enjoy ten glorious days of the best jazz performed by some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Bastille Day, Paris -14 July 2012
Travel to France and join the Parisians as they recreate the storming of the Bastille in 1789 –the symbolic end of monarchy and the establishment of the Republic. Watch the pageant and pomp of the parade at the Champs Elyseés drink a toast to democracy and see the night sky light up as France celebrates its National Day. Vive le Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

Christopher Street Day, Germany - 6 July to 8 July 2012
Celebrated with great fanfare and much enthusiasm, Christopher Street Day is an annual celebration of rights of gay, lesbian and bisexual people against discrimination. Celebrations take place all over Germany, but more especially in Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. The festival is marked by various street processions and colourful performances. A fun time to be there!

Wife Carrying Championship, Finland - 6 July to 7 July 2012
Display your love for your better half at the Wife Carrying Festival at Sonkajarvi in Finland. Participants are expected to carry their wives over sand, grass and asphalt. Dropping your wife before you reach the finish line will incur a penalty of 15 seconds, however if you are first one to reach the finish line then you win the amount of beer equal to your wife’s body weight!

Salzburg Festival of Music, Austria - 20 July to 2 September, 2012
Mozart’s ghost watches over the annual festival of classical music held at his birthplace in Austria. Listen to the best of western classical music - Mozart, Verdi, and Strauss performed by the Vienna Philharmonic and the Mozarteum Orchestra companies.

La Tomatino, Valencia – 29 August, 2012
It’s a tomato war out there in Valencia! One of Spain’s most popular fun festivals is La Tomatino, the annual tomato throwing festival. The tomatoes, 90,000 tons, are provided by the city council of Buñol, all you need to do is squish- squash the tomatoes and fling a few around. Viva la tomato!

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