February ~ The Month of Carnivals

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Travel Features >> February ~ The Month of Carnivals

February ~ The Month of Carnivals

January 16, 2013

February is here and so are fun times. The Carnival, celebrated in many parts of the world is the time to party. Let down your hair, wear outlandish costumes and samba your way through the streets of Venice, Rio or Goa. Music resounds, beer flows, street parades are the order of the day and everyone is out to have a good time.

Venice Carnival, 2 - 12 February 2013
Outlandish costumes, dazzling masks and the wacky, crazy side of you! Check. Now you are all set to attend the madcap event known as the Venice Carnival! The Venice Carnival which was first started in the early 14th century has now become one of the most well known festivals in the world. Princes adorned in cheerful and vibrant costumes, flocked to Venice from all over the continent to be a part of the celebrations.

Today as per tradition, tourists flock to the city to be a part of the Carnival. Apart from the vibrant parade and brilliantly friendly atmosphere there are various other events like masquerade balls every night of the festival with lots of live music, entertainment, seated gala dinners and dances along with parties in true Venetian style. This year the Carnival of Venice is dedicated to colours, as each colour communicates and evokes emotions in human beings.

So tighten your seatbelts and get ready for an amazing roller coaster ride as the festival envelopes you in to its midst!

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Rio Carnival, 8 - 12 February 2013
Swing to the samba, rock to the rhumba and move to the merengue. Hot and spicy like the best salsa, the Rio Carnival explodes in spontaneous combustion as enthusiastic dancers, bandas and blocos, bare-chested men and bare-bellied women frolic and cavort with wild abandon, unrestrained passion and an infectious joie de vivre.

The Rio Carnival gives a kaleidoscopic view of the culture of Brazil at its zenith and is a wild four-day celebration, 40 days before Easter. The Carnival officially starts on Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday with the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. People indulge in singing, dancing, and feasting, but the most involved in the Rio Carnival are the poorest localities (favelas) that join the festivities despite their deprived situation, and make the Carnival come alive in its true sense! The events of the Rio Festival include Carnival Balls, Samba School nights, street bands, street Parties, parades, and a lot more. The festival concludes with the Rio Carnival Parade, or the Samba Parade, which is also the main event of the carnival. Everyone comes together to have fun. Billed as the greatest 'Free Show' anywhere, the Mardi Gras at Rio is one long party!

Although the Carnival is celebrated in every corner of Brazil with the best-known ones taking place in Recife, Salvador, and Olinda, however the most popular and the biggest carnival is the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

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Goa Carnival, 9 -12 February 2013
The Goa Carnival is the most awaited event in Goa, and preparations for the same start months in advance. Other than music, dance and other entertainment, the carnival also features short plays depicting the tradition and culture of Goa in a unique way.

Pre-Lent carnivals are a time for fun and Goa's Carnival is revelry all the way. It's the last big bash before the season of Lent starts, and this is when Goa parties non-stop for three days. The Carnival, true to form, is a time for unrestrained merrymaking, with dancing, processions, music and unlimited food being part and parcel of the festivities. If you want to experience true colours of Goa then this is the time to be here.

Momo, the legendary King of Chaos leads his entourage of fire-eaters, acrobats, clowns, jesters, dancers, brass bands and revellers in parade down the main street of Panaji, Goa. King Momo commands his people to 'kha, piye and majja kar' - eat, drink and make merry and so be it!

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Cologne Carnival, 16 - 22 February 2013
The Cologne Carnival is Germany's answer to the Rio Carnival in Brazil. So you see it's not only the South Americans who know how to party, the Germans put on a pretty good show too. The Cologne Carnival reaches its zenith a week before Ash Wednesday.

At 11:11 am on the first day, the city turns into frenzy with the carnival being declared open. The biggest party on earth begins and carries on for the next six days. Normally reticent and formal Germans, literally let down their hair and have the time of their lives, drinking, singing and dancing.

On Ash Wednesday, the day the Carnival ends, it is must to have fish - and that is what you will get on the menu of all pubs and restaurants. The party is officially over, but the hangover is sure to last a little longer!

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