Explore the World of Snow Leopards in Ladakh

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Travel Features >> Explore the World of Snow Leopards in Ladakh

Explore the World of Snow Leopards in Ladakh

September 23, 2016

Gone are those days when Himalayas were an alien land for people, as presently it stands among the top tourist destination of the world. It’s not just the snow dressed mountains that lure visitors, but also the wildlife dwelling in amidst those ranges are equally working as a crowd puller. The most fascinating wild species inhabiting in the circuit of Himalayas are the Snow Leopards.

The beautiful gray predator of the mountains is one of the rarest animals existing in the Ladakh Himalayas; specifically at Hemis National Park. Nestled in the foothills of Ladakh Himalayas, Hemis is the natural abode for various exotic wildlife species. However, snow leopards stand as the main attraction of the park.

Few details about Snow Leopards
• Bestowed with a thick fur coat, these big cats easily combat the chill of the snow draped ranges.
• Their wide feet are completely covered with bulky fur that works as natural snowshoes.
• These gray colored royal cats are blessed with strong legs that help them in making incredible leaps.
• The tail serves two purposes:
1. It helps in maintaining a balance
2. Works as a blanket to cover the sensitive areas
• This member of the cat family belongs to the nocturnal category, which means that they are rarely seen during day; rather, they stay more active in night.
• The most amazing fact is that though these are considered as furious predators, are very shy in nature.

Snow Leopard Trekking in Ladakh
Ladakh, the land of high passes is famous for various things like Gompas, rich culture, mountain beauty, but many tourist visit the place only for getting the glimpse of Snow Leopards. Hence, Snow Leopard trekking in Ladakh is one of the most opted tours. During this trekking tour visitors are not just honored with the sight of the big cats, but also get the opportunity to meet other mountain species like:
• Musk Deer
• Kiang
• Bharal
• Marmots
• Red foxes
• Mouse Hares
• Stone Martens
• Ibex

Further, the park is adorned with beautiful floral species. Forests of Birch, Juniper and Fir are among the top floral attractions.
Rumbak Valley is the best destination to establish a base camp. This valley is best suited for getting the perfect sight of various wild mountain species.

Getting prepared for the Snow Leopard Trekking Tour
All the nature lovers, adventurists and wildlife enthusiasts that are eager to witness the glory of the royal cat, mentioned below are the tips that are better to be tagged along with your excitement.
• It is best to hire an experienced guide, so as for reach every nook and corner of the place. Further, the guide can be a great help during any random emergency.
• Keep a stock of good quality personal belongings like down jacket, woolen cap, gloves, good trekking boot, wind cheater, sun goggles and sunscreen.
• High quality binoculars and cameras are essential to be packed in the bag.
• Always keep extra batteries handy.

The last note
During summers these mountain cats move towards high altitudes and thus, getting their sight turns next to impossible. On the flipside during winters, especially snow fall, these predators come down in search of food and then can one have the pleasure of spotting them. Hence, the ideal time for snow leopard adventure holidays is Mid November to March.

Author Bio: Zara Jones is an active travelogue and a professional writer who especial enjoy to share adventure travel and tourism related topic about India into her articles to motivate the people for travelling. In above post she provides information about snow leopard adventure in Ladakh.

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