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Travel Features >> Experience The Mesmerizing Trip To California

Experience The Mesmerizing Trip To California

November 17, 2014

American west is popularly known for its diversity - from breathtaking coastlines to forbidding deserts, from snowcapped mountains to towering redwood forest. But no state has much of these than California. The Golden state is virtually a home of natural wonders and boasts of numerous attractive sites and beautiful scenery.

The Mojave Desert
Sure, California towering redwood and magnificent coastlines on the Northern part of the state is the center of all the attention, but the desert landscape of Southern California also offers unique and breathtaking scenery. Mojave Desert located northeast of Los Angeles, offers an opportunity for a leisurely picnic (think hot). It boasts of numerous mountain ranges and is situated well above sea level. These two factors provide Mojave with a unique ecosystem that is home to a variety of wild inhabitants.

Native birds e.g. cactus wren and roadrunners often share the surroundings with the exotic migratory birds such as the flycatchers, vireos etc. The kit foxes and coyotes roam the desert hills as does the docile creatures like wild boars and bighorn sheep. Just like any other desert, Mojave is prone to extreme weather. Scorching during summer and extremely cold during winter however, it offers a very interesting and enjoyable trip during the fall and spring months

Joshua Tree National Park
On the Southern part of the region, just before the Mojave Desert lies the Sonora Desert which is home to Joshua Tree National Park. The park, which covers an area of 734, 000 acres is popularly known for its unusual and photogenic plants key among them being them being the legendary Joshua tree. Joshua tree is the largest tree among the Yucca plants and has a unique shape that reminds you of the biblical story of Joshua stretching his hands to the sky in prayer. It is also a home to dozens of bird species and forms and intricate part of the desert ecosystem.

Death Valley National Park
On the Northern part of Mojave Desert is the famous Death Valley National Park. The park is well known for its picturesque and dramatic scenery that is an inspiration to many poets and artists. The valley’s floor, positioned 300fts below sea level, gives way to spectacular painted hills and snowcapped peaks. The park is an ideal destination for those who love hiking and adventure and its vastness gives one a wider area to explore. While here, ensure you visit the Telescope Peak in the Emigrant Canyon. Telescope Peak is the Parks highest point extending more than 11,000 feet above sea level and offers a fantastic view.

Sierra Nevad
Heading north, past the California’s southern Desert, the Sierra Nevada welcomes travelers and visitors to a wide variety of natural beauty and activities. The 430 miles stretch boasts of snowy peaks and granite cliffs that is a delight to many visitors. It also has numerous attractions and parks including 14 wilderness area, three national parks and 8 national forests. A trip to Sierra Nevada won’t be complete without touring one of the regions other national parks; Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia

Sequoia National Park has an area of 402,000 acres and it is the second oldest park in United States. Its popular attraction is the Sequoia trees (the tallest tree in the world). Driving through the park is an experience in itself. You can drive on the Mineral King Road and follow Kaweah River for 25 miles to the beautiful Mineral King portion. Alternatively, you can drive on the general highway and have a feel of the lovely ecosystem comprising of four of the five world’s tallest trees. Yosemite National park on the other hand, has one of the oldest lakes in America known as Lake Mono. The lake is well known for its calcium carbonate formations

There are numerous attractive sites and interesting places in California. Get your esta visa today and get to enjoy and experience the best of California

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