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Travel Features >> Circular Quay ~ Pulse of Sydney

Circular Quay ~ Pulse of Sydney

July 20, 2013

Circular Quay, located on the northern edge of Sydney central business district, is the reverberating heartbeat of Sydney! Yes, it is one lively place that simply doesn’t take a break. If we go into a bit of history, it was introduced primarily for shipping, which later became a major transport hub and also a hang-out place with malls, parks, restaurants and walkways. The quay is an electrifying place with ferries leaving every few minutes to various parts of the harbour like Watsons Bay, Manly, Mosman and Taronga Park Zoo. It is a major Sydney transport hub, with a huge ferry, rail and bus junction.

If I try to rewind and remember my first thought about the place, I would say it was coated with pre-conceived notions about a foreign country. I had seen glimpses of Circular Quay in many movies, thus, I had a vague idea about the kind of place it would turn out to be. When I actually experienced being there, I had my own viewpoint. Yes, of course, I was delighted to be there. My impression and the reality were quite similar.

7 Reasons You Can’t Miss It!
1. Sydney Opera House – The Opera House is undoubtedly the most obvious reason to visit it. What else do we expect to see in Sydney other than Sydney Opera House? Again, my impression about the Opera House and the reality were similar. It is, indeed, a grand building adding to the beauty of Circular Quay. Locals, tourists, photographers, newly-weds – all kinds of people are seen there. It was interesting to be part of such a festive yet very easygoing atmosphere.

2.Sydney Harbour Bridge – Circular Quay is situated between Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. So you can imagine the kind of place it would be! Looking at the bridge, you can promise yourself a memorable bridge walk or maybe a bridge climb or a helicopter ride over it. We opted for the simplest of the three - a bridge walk, but definitely rewarding. When you get on the bridge, you can have a panoramic view of the Circular Quay, which is one of the most amazing experiences in Sydney!

3.Art and heritage - Circular Quay is a great place for art lovers, too. There is Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art and the City of Sydney Library in the heritage-listed Customs House. Although I did not check them out, I am sure they are a treat for those who seek tasteful heritage and have curious eyes for historical insights.

4. Walkways – Sauntering, savouring and enjoying are the easiest and the most special things to do. We all seek a carefree and relaxed atmosphere - Circular Quay offers you exactly that without reservations. There is bustle of people, noise of boarding ferries’ signals, romance, and sun setting while you simply sit and watch the day go by.

5.Restaurants and cafes – There is something unique about the restaurants and cafes at Circular Quay. Although they are expensive, they take your taste-buds on a culinary tour. You will get to dig in to all kinds of cuisines from all across the world. So noshing up with a view like Harbour Bridge, sounds like a dream, right?

6.The Royal Botanic Gardens – The garden is a quick walk around the water's edge from the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the places to chill out and steal a few moments away from the rush of the city. Those who love peace and quietude can head to the beautiful garden.

7.Ferry rides – Taking a ferry ride is an ideal way to culminate your Circular Quay experience. Wind blowing in your hair, sparkling sunshine and lively people – everything is just right. It is even better when the sun is all set to bid adieu, you can embrace its last few hues of beauty and soak in the scintillating evening ambiance. A ferry ride gives you a whole new perspective of the entire place. Sydney Opera House looks even more spectacular! You just don’t want to take your eyes off, it is so stunning.

Besides all of that, Circular Quay is a central point for community and Sydney New Year's Eve celebrations. My Sojourn at Sydney was one of the best, and Circular Quay was a great day out!

Author's Bio: Renuka is a travel writer, photographer and a blogger. She has been part of media and publishing industry for over four years. Traveling is her passion and she hopes to travel across the world. Read her blogs here>>

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