Cape Town ~ Outdoor Adventures for the Eco Minded

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Travel Features >> Cape Town ~ Outdoor Adventures for the Eco Minded

Cape Town ~ Outdoor Adventures for the Eco Minded

February 06, 2014

Home to the imposing Table Mountain plateau, Cape Town is South Africa’s most staggering, adventurous, and entertaining cities; the bountiful vineyards, golden beaches, and old-fashioned vibe of the rural areas make the city an ideal travel spot, not to mention that the cultural vibes, welcoming people, and overall landscapes will make you want to stay there forever. In spite of a bustling metropolis with lots of urban aspect and entertainment, Cape Town is a great outdoor adventure destination for eco-minded travelers.

Exploring the natural wonders of Cape Town
Cape Town is defined by the Table Mountain, a flat mountain range from where travelers can admire the true wonders of the metropolis. Visitors can reach the top by cableway or they can opt for a challenging trekking adventure. As you reach the top you’ll come across an abundant vegetation, unspoiled forests, and amazing areas worth exploring from a close range. Cultivated spots such as the Kirstenbosch Gardens, the historical Company’s Gardens, and Green Point Park should be included on your travel itinerary. Take full advantage of the outdoor area and test the myriad of activities. Mountain biking, surfing, and hiking are among the most common types of activities one can try out while in Cape Town.

A multi-cultural city
Traditional African, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Jewish beliefs proudly coexist in the multi-cultural city of Cape Town. Considering the troubled history of the country, the inhabitants are finally living in harmony. Wrenching away from the enticing mountain range and the city’s delights, adventurers should turn their attention to the Winelands. The destination is absolutely mesmerizing, not to mention that the wide variety of activities will certainly help you have a whale of a time. Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are excellent locations for couples fond of the outdoors. Packed with beautiful landscapes, delicious wine, and luxurious accommodation, the Winelands will exceed your expectations.

Cape Town: Eco-tourism at its best
Our precious planet is constantly being threatened by the global warming, and fortunately an increasing number of tourists have started to realize that the adverse effects can be permanent. Over the past few years, the travel industry has been focusing a lot on a new form of traveling: eco-tourism. Encouraging eco-tourism doesn’t just help save energy but it also helps heal the planet faster. Traveling to Cape Town can be an unforgettable experience, yet if you want your grand-grand-sons to see it too, greening your stay is an excellent way of supporting the eco-friendly movement.

Eco-friendly accommodation
A good start to preserve the natural habitat of Cape Town is to lodge in an eco-friendly accommodation facility. Hence, you’ll manage to minimize the negative impact of your holiday on the environment. The good news is that the city features an increasing numbers of both upscale and budget-friendly hotels that are supporting the eco principle. Some places to stay are making use of biodegradable products to reduce water waste, and although it might not seem much, at least it’s a start.

Eco-friendly transportation
Transportation is considered a major provider or damaging ozone-depleting emissions, so if you’re looking to spend a nice holiday in Cape Town, have you thought of opting for eco-friendly means of transportation? Traveling by bike, walking, and even public transportation can be an excellent way of cutting back on pollutants.

Eco-friendly restaurants
Believe it or not, the places you choose to visit to have dinner can also have repercussions on the place. Cape Town features several great bistros that are making efforts to go green. They use all-natural ingredients and they’re trying to make use of less preservative. Seasonal, organic produce and natural production and farming methods are additionally great ways of helping Cape Town preserve its abundant vegetation.

Are you ready for an unforgettable trip to Cape Town? The South African city is impressive from all points of view. The beautiful attractions, natural habitats, fauna and flora will make your trip truly memorable. Sustainable tourism is a great way to showcase your appreciation for the environment. Choose to be an eco-minded tourist and don’t ever assume that your efforts will be in vain. Raising awareness that eco-tourism can be just as enjoyable as ordinary tourism is a great way of spreading the word and advising others to care for the South African environment too.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips wrote this awesome article. He believes that the power of writing and transformative experience of travel is the catalyst for personal development. He also writes for a site Capeportfolios where you can get best accommodation facility at Cape Town.

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