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Travel Features >> Best Value Destinations in 2013

Best Value Destinations in 2013

April 12, 2013

Yes, there is such a thing as value travel destinations. Sometimes when a political turmoil or a natural disaster takes place people generally shy away from visiting these destinations, even though it may be perfectly safe to do so. The result is that the tourism industry in that particular country takes a downturn, but the upside is that the traveler gains, as hotels and airlines offer never before prices. In the list below are the places you always dreamt of, but were just that little bit out of your reach. In 2013 travel to places far and near and save big bucks in the bargain!

This fascinating country has now come out of a state of turmoil, and has thrown open it’s door to welcome foreigners and tourists. The gleaming pagodas, tranquil lakes, the pristine beaches, a glorious heritage and a warm and welcoming people, Myanmar embraces you and promises to keep you enthralled. Whether it’s the garden city of Yangon, the placid lake at Inle, the mystery of Mandaly or the array of temples at Bagan, Myanmar is a country just waking up from its slumber, so go before it gets swamped by tourist and go while it is still highly affordable!

Sri Lanka
Tourism in Sri Lanka has been affected for the last several years, but with the end of the long civil war within this beautiful country, Sri Lanka is all set to come back with a bang. Right now hotels are cheap and it is possible to get a good bargain. So make that trip to the Emerald Isle while it is still relatively inexpensive, before it gets flooded by tourists and prices are pushed up.

Greece has always been a popular destination, but because of the ongoing fiscal crunch, hotels are not packed to capacity so it’s raining discounts and the place is not overrun by tourists. This is the time to cash in - forget about the protests and strikes and make that trip to Greece now!

An economic boom when a slew of hotels mushroomed only to be followed by a troubled economy, when most of those hotels are going a begging and are very attractively priced. That unfortunately is the state of Ireland today. Travellers, take advantage of the prevalent low prices and visit now before your luck runs out and the prices rise!

The political problems of this Himalayan Kingdom kept tourists at bay this past year or two and tourism has taken a hit. Right now hoteliers are looking to make good their losses and airlines waiting to fill up their seats, so whether you an outdoorsy-type looking for a bit of trekking and river rafting or whether you are simply wanting to experience a culture so different from your own, the people of Nepal will welcome you with open arms. Go on make that trip to Nepal – high on adventure and low on the pocket!

One of the few countries in Europe that did not switch its currency to the Euro, Hungary’ s Forint (HUF) took a hit when it fell drastically against the US Dollar a couple of years ago. So if you are looking for trip to this beautiful country, your dollar is going to go a long way – make that trip now, before the dollar loses its shine.

The volcanic ash did a lot of damage to Iceland’s tourism in 2010. But that is long over now and the Land of Fire and Ice is getting back to normal. Travel in Iceland has always been a bit pricey, but with the recent currency decline, it means that you get more for your dollar and hotel rooms are quite within reach. If you have always had a penchant for travelling to this little country that is high on adventure, this is surely the time to do it. Hurry, before Iceland becomes unaffordable!

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