Best Countries for Luxury Travel in 2013

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Travel Features >> Best Countries for Luxury Travel in 2013

Best Countries for Luxury Travel in 2013

March 28, 2013

If you’re browsing the internet looking for luxury travel destinations for your 2013 trip then you are in the right place! Some of the classical luxurious destinations have been knocked off their top spot with the emergence of new locations in developing countries. Of course, different destinations will appeal to different tourists based on the size and type of their party. With that in mind, we’ll look at some of the top destinations for young couples and some of the best destinations for families.

Italy may be suffering with political and economical difficulties, but that doesn’t seem to stop the want and need of tourists to visit this country and stay there; and this seems to be a country that appeals to both young romantic couples and families alike. There is no doubt that there’s plenty to see and do in Italy, and the beautiful beaches and warm waters are perfect for any tourist looking to get a little sun, sand and sea.
Of course, the local cuisine is bound to appeal to food lovers, and with more than 75% of luxury American tourist claiming that dining out is an important part of their vacation it’s no wonder that Italy has stayed at the top for so long. Of course, Italy’s natural sense of style and its fashion focused culture also help to appeal to trendsetter tourists looking for a fabulous item from a well known designer.
It seems there’s something for everyone in Italy, and that’s perhaps why it has remained the number one tourist destination for so long.

It seems the 2012 Olympics have done wonders for the UK’s tourist numbers, with many luxury holiday makers booking flights for this tiny European island. England is not a destination you should choose if you’re looking for at least 12 hours of sunshine a day, but if you’re looking for a nice destination to take the family then you may want to consider England’s capital, London. There are plenty of local attractions in London, but one of the best things about England is that you can reach any part of the country within a day, enabling tourists to explore much of Great Britain on their first holiday.
Alternatively, head to the home of the 2012 Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins and enjoy a great sporting holiday in Yorkshire. Or you could consider heading to Cornwall for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in England.

Gone are the days when Cuba was a feared island, these days, young tourists are looking past the old propaganda and heading to Cuba as a luxury tourist destination. Rather than revolution, you’ll find revelation in Cuba. With glorious amounts of sunshine and a nice steady temperature you and your loved one can kick back and relax and enjoy the accommodation and the surrounding area.
The Castro government invested a considerable amount of funding into tourism, helping to transform Cuba into a highly successful tourist destination. You’ll find a high standard of luxury at Cuba, and it’s all available at a reasonable price. Cuba definitely has its own sense of charm and character, with its smoky cigars and classic Cadillacs, Cuba could be compared to an older charming gentleman that you can’t help love or his ever so slightly frisky personality.

Australia is the country that seems to have it all, endless sunshine, gorgeous beaches and beautiful warm seas to swim in and surf on. The country has a laid back ‘have fun’ attitude to just about everything, and again it seems to be a country that has something for everyone. Young singles and couples have great fun exploring the outback, while families and quiet couples enjoy the local high end accommodation and range of activities on offer.
Australia is also known for its incredibly vast array of local wildlife, some of which only exists in Australia, including cute and cuddly koalas, sleepy sloths, and deadly snakes and spiders. With a passion for outdoor cuisine and alcohol, Australia also appeals to food lovers looking to try a new culinary experience. For the intrepid explorer, if the outback is a little too wild, there are always the numerous amounts of impressive architecture located throughout Australia to explore and appreciate.

Author Bio: William Taylor is a famous writer with a unique writing style. He has passion to travel different places in the world. He recently through John Wayne private jet and got the best experience of traveling.

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