Barbados~An island with many souls

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Travel Features >> Barbados~An island with many souls

Barbados~An island with many souls

March 14, 2013

As summer approaches, if your mind is wandering away to sapphire blue water and basking in the sunshine, then a holiday in Barbados might be the way to go. As a typical tropical island, Barbados has a laid back atmosphere and a beautiful, picturesque coastline.

While the island’s rainy season happens between June and November, the weather in Barbados is sunniest from December to May, something which makes it perfect for Europeans looking to escape the height of winter.

Each side of the island has its own distinctive style when it comes to beaches. The west coast is calmer, with palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Tourist can lay for hours on the beach, soaking up the sun or can snorkel in crystal clear water. You can spend the day at Brandon’s Beach, just on the outskirts of Bridgetown, which makes this beach very convenient. The calm waters are good for swimming with the whole family or, if there on a romantic holiday, you can visit Brighton Riding Stables for picturesque horseback riding along the shore.

The east coast of Barbados has bigger Atlantic waves and is less ideal for swimming, yet the reefs create natural pools. Because of the waves, this side of the island is popular with surfers, especially “The Soup Bowl” at Bathsheba.

Along the southern coast, the water is a mix of Caribbean and Atlantic. The southernmost tip, where the coastline catches the most wind, is ideal for windsurfing. You can also find interesting tidal pools and swimming in the south. Head to Long Beach, Silver Rock or Silver Sands for the best wind conditions for sport. Miami Beach is a popular day spot, offering many places to get food and drink during your day in the sun.

The northern coast has the most breath-taking views on the island. There are bays and coves formed by powerful waves crashing on rocks. This part of the island is not recommended for swimmers, but is enticing for the intrepid travellers looking to get away from the tourist crowds to see some of the island’s natural isolated beauty. Of immediate impact, Cove Bay has dramatic cliffs and intense waves.

With so many options available in Barbados, a little preliminary research and planning will be enough for you to make the most of your beach holiday and find the coast that better suits your needs.

Author’s Bio: Helen Parkinson is a keen travel writer with years of experience. She enjoys travelling to far-flung destinations with beautiful weather including Barbados and the islands of the Caribbean, as well as the amazing cities of North America.

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