5 Essential Accessories during Trekking

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Travel Features >> 5 Essential Accessories during Trekking

5 Essential Accessories during Trekking

August 22, 2014

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activity to enjoy your trip. For some people trekking is like a fun thing and for some people trekking is a passion in their life. If you like trekking, then you must read this article and find out the 5 essential accessories you need during trekking.

This is the most important thing you must take during trekking. The human body needs at least 4 pounds of water a day, so make sure you are taking with you at least this much water. There are several types of containers that fulfil this function, for instance: Nalgene bottles, they are made of a really hard plastic, and it is almost impossible for it to break,

It is a hydration pack, almost like a backpack for water. Other really good option is the bota bag, this is very easy to carry, due to its flexibility. As you can see, there are different types of containers that you can carry with you during trekking, regardless of which one you choose, the important thing you must take it with you.

Even you are planning trekking during the day, there are several situations where you may need a flashlight. Because you may be forced to stay longer than you have planned, due to bad weather or injuries, for instance. There are several types of flashlight, some of are very small and bright, like the LED flashlight. It's important to look for some features, like
1) Water resistant flashlight
2) Extra bulb inside its housing
3) Avoid flashlight that you can accidentally turn on inside you backpack
4) Choose the one with a very bright light.

First Aid Kit
This is a "must have" on your kit. Even a small kit, with just the basic supplies it's already enough for minor injuries. A basic kit must contain plenty of Band-Aids, sterilized bandages, gauze pad, tweezers, and tape. If you prefer, you can add a CPR mask and rubber gloves, but it is not completely necessary.

Sunglasses and sunscreen
The bright sun can cause injuries on your eyes, as well as give you bad headaches. It's important to wear some good sunglasses that will protect you from the sun. One great option is the glacier glasses, these are more suitable for high sunlight exposure. Sunscreen is also very important. The exposure to sunlight can give you really nasty sunburn. And, especially if you are hiking in the mountains, the highest you are, the most intense are the ultraviolet rays. Make sure you buy the sunscreen without perfume, otherwise you may attract bugs and critters.

This is of primary importance. Always carry with you a very detailed map of the area you will be trekking. And study the map before going, you need to know how to use it (and make sure you have no doubts about it). Also, if you have to drive to get to the place, is important to take with you a GPS. Another tip I have for you is to book a driving test, this is of primary importance especially if you are going to other state or country. This were the tips I have to give you trekking, there are other accessories that are important for you to take, but these are the primary 5 that you can't miss.

Author Bio:
Hi! I am Jessica, freelancer and part time blogger. I write for various communities on different topics. As of now I am focusing on Driving license UK, which provides DSA theory test services to make your ride hassle free and memorable.

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