10 Yoga, Spiritual and Meditation Retreat Centers in India

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Travel Features >> 10 Yoga, Spiritual and Meditation Retreat Centers in India

10 Yoga, Spiritual and Meditation Retreat Centers in India

September 05, 2016

The admiration and diverse demographics across the globe, itself speak a lot about the popularity of yoga. YOGA that makes our body and mind act in sync is indeed what India is proud to gift the world. It is a form of Indian meditation that not only unwindsthe mind but also liberates the body and spirit and recharges you.Yoga is an art that solely belongs to India and therefore has retreats and meditation centers and physical and spiritual retreats based all over the country. Cultivating the mind and the body to look beyond the usual certainly is the prime aim of this ancient form of exercising the mind and the soul.

Yoga is highly gaining popularity in the Western countries. A lot many people are coming to India especially for Yoga retreats and rejuvenating their souls and minds. Facilities in yoga meditation centers range from strict yoga school to 5 star luxury spas.

Below listed are top 10 yoga retreats in India:

1) Tushita Medication Center, Himanchal Pradesh
Situated in the picturesque land of natural beauty and pleasant climate of Himachal Pradesh, this place makes yoga an exercise worth practicing. Since this center believes and preaches practices of Lord Buddha, it emphasizes on exploring yourself through spirituality. The calm and serene surroundings here act as a catalyst for rejuvenation and relaxation.
Untouched beauty away from the hustle bustle of the cities helps in better concentration and purification of the mind and soul.

2) Yoga Institute, Mumbai
Yoga Institute in Mumbai was founded by Shri Yogendra ji in the year 1918 and is considered one of the finest yoga retreats in India. Yoga is preached in the form of workshops, camps and courses that are well organized. Anyone will find it easy to meditate and connect with themselves while they stay here. A journey that had started in the last century has come a long way and propagates the body and mind well-being in the form of learning.

3) Osho Meditation Resort, Pune
Completely peaceful and relaxing, the greenery at the gardens of Osho Meditation Resort helps in connecting with the inner soul in the best form. This place in pune is an amazing amalgamation of the traditional form of yoga mixed with luxury spas. This meditation retreat in India is quite famous among foreigners.Spread over a gigantic campus of 28 acre, it is house to all world class amenities and niceties. The traditional practice of yoga coupled with luxury makes this place fit for a perfect yoga retreat holiday.

4) Yoga Vidya Spiritual Retreats, Kerala
Kerela is synonymous to Ayurveda and this retreat is a complete blend of yoga and Ayurveda. It is run by institution run by scholars and professors from all over the world. Anybody can join this and master yoga with the best trainers. From starter courses to complete detox program, this retreat lets you choose the option the most convenient to you. Ayurveda and yoga lets you purify your mind, body and soul.

5) Swaswara Retreat, Gokarna, Karnataka
Situated on the picturesque beach of Gokarna, this place will take your heart away. Gokarna is an untouched beach located in the Konkan coast of Karnataka. An exclusive program is held here that helps in rejuvenating the body with the right postures, breathing, sounds and concentration. Totally in the lap of nature, this retreat will leave you asking for more.

6) Lotus Yoga Retreat, Agonda Beach, Goa
An eco-friendly set up in the untouched South Goa, Lotus Yoga Retreat is perhaps one of the finest meditation retreats in India. It attracts a lot of foreign nationals for its class and services. Yoga retreat holiday are offered to interested people in the months of November and June. One can choose to stay in a beach hut, tree hut or in a lavish bunglaw. Yoga shalas are set to learn and practice various forms of yoga.

7) VanaMalsi Estate, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
VanaMalsi Estate in Dehradun invites you to have a closer walk with nature. With the majestic Himalayas at the backdrop, this meditation retreat is spread over 21 acres of land over the hilly terrains.Escape the chaos of the world as you get to sooth your mind and body and practice yoga amidst mango, apple and lycheeorchards, green dense forests and unique British architecture. This place is certainly an ideal location for yoga retreat holiday.

8) Isha Yoga Centre, Tamil Nadu
This place is well known since it does not propagate yoga with any religion, it teaches purely non-religious form and is a non-profit organization that believes in serving the human mankind. For the past two decades it has gained the right attraction from foreign nationals. Stunningly located in the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, this center is truly a charmer.

9) Omkarananda Patanjali Yoga Kendra, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Rishikesh, also known as the yoga capital of the world is bound to have many meditation retreats. Best among them is Omkarananda Patanjali Yoga Kendra, situated on the banks of river Ganges. Right yoga postures, meditation and chants are suggested here that totally makes the soul and body alive, It is indeed a soothing and rejuvenating experience where you get to meet your inner self keeping in harmony with spirituality.

10) Aashiyana Yoga Retreat, Goa
One can hardly imagine Goa as a yoga destination. But Aashiyana yoga retreat defies all myths and stands apart. Reconnect with your soul as you enjoy the beautiful beaches and laid back ambience of Goa.
Having known the best 10 Yoga retreats in India, wait no more and take a break from the monotony of this mundane city life. Escape, unwind, relax and rejuvenate yourself as you enjoy nature’s delight and also reconnect with your mind and soul. Explore your spiritual side with Yoga and meditation.

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