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Places Near Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal has a few places nearby you can visit.

Palani (62 km) and Pollachi (61 km) are two small towns near Kodaikanal. The road to Palani winds along coffee, orange and banana plantations. The Malaikovil Subrahmanya Temple is a pilgrimage destination and devotees climb 659 steps to reach it. Pollachi was an important trading town. 2000 yr old roman coins were discovered here. It’s still a bustling town serving visitors to the Annamalai Sanctuary and travelers who are making their way across to Munnar in Kerala.

The Annamalai Park (Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary) is spread out over 960 sq km and protects a large variety of wildlife: tiger, panther, sloth bear, the Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque, wild boar are some. There are many varieties of bird and the reservoirs support a large population of crocodile. Though most of the park is closed to visitors you are allowed to trek around with a permit and a guide. It is even possible to stay in the forest rest house for a night.

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