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Activities in Karnataka

Various adventure activities in Karnataka that you can enjoy are angling, boat rides, camping, and kayaking, among others.


Angling is Cauvery River in Bheemeshwari is a home to one of the finest game fish in the world- the Mahseer. Making a catch can take hours of patient waiting and skill gained over the years. The waters of Cauvery also contain other fish species like carp and murrel.

Doddamakkali and Galibore both are a few kilometres away from Bheemeshwari and also make ideal sites for this outdoor activity. Travellers will also find a variety of fish species like Rohu, catfish etc at Valnoor in Coorg. Evenings are a good time to fish. The best months to go angling here start from October and continue till mid-April. Mekadatu and Sangam are also famous destinations for fishing with a variety of species of fish.

Mangalore is an ideal fishing destination and the best time to head for the coast is in the months between September and February when fishes are plentiful, temperatures benign and sea is absolutely delightful.

Boat Rides

You can glide along the water with dense forests all around you and take pleasure of the boat rides in coracles in Bheemeshwari and Honnemardu, on the River Cauvery and River Kabini. Travellers can also spot a variety of flora and fauna from a coracle. You can also go for boat rides in the backwaters of the Sowparnika River where you can hire the boats at very nominal charges. Be well aware of the crocs in the river as there are plenty of them in the Cauvery that you might come across! Carry mosquito repellent and wear water resistant footwear.


Doddamakkali, Anthargange, Galibore, and Jogigundi with tropical evergreen rainforests make good camping sites for adventure buffs. Camping in Karnataka gets a good opportunity so that you are relaxed and refreshed in the lush green and serene environment. You can sit back and enjoy bird-watching while you come across a variety of animal species but make sure you don’t disturb them. Carry comfortable walking shoes, drinking water, snacks to munch, mosquito repellent and surely your camera.


Marvanthe Beach in Karnataka is a well known spot for various kinds of water sports. Swimming can be done in the waters as the tides are gentle. The backwaters of Narihalla Dam in Sandur, a few kilometres away from Hampi offers adventure activities like jet skiing, kayaking, water skiing and also offer paddle boats, row boats and shikhara rides. Kayaking can be done on Linganamakii. Safety measures include life jackets, trained instructors, and first aid kit.

Rock Climbing

The major rock climbing areas in Karantaka are Nandi Hills, Chamundi Hills, Anthargange, Turhalli, Sawan Durga, and Ramnagar. The climb is not that difficult and is suitable for beginners as well as for travellers who have experienced this activity before. Make sure you are mentally and physically fit to take up the challenge of mountaineering. Carry your sneakers, sun tan lotion, bottled water and you should be in comfortable clothing like a shorts and a tee-shirt while you perform the task.

Trekking There are many exciting trekking destinations in Karnataka, some of them are - Siddara Betta in Chikamagalur, Coorg, Canara, Anthargange, Hassan and Shimoga.

A hike/walk through the woods of BR Hills in Chamarajnagar District of Karnataka is an enriching experience and the best way to explore the dense forests. It lies 3375 feet above the sea level.

Another famous trek is the Kudremukh Peak Trek and the highest peak in Karnataka; however this peak is closed to visitors in the forest fire season. Thadiyendamol Peak in Kodagu also makes a good spot for trekkers. Kumar Parvatha Hills Trek in the Kukke Subramaniya region is the most strenuous trek and requires a good physical and mental strength.

The hills lie 4,000 feet above the sea level and it will take you two full days to complete this trek. Some of the scenic treks include Mallamma Betta Trek, Soma Male Trek, and Kabbe Pass Trek. The best time to go trekking in Karnataka is in the months between September and December when the temperatures are cool with lush green environment to refresh you.

Make sure you have obtained the necessary permits for trekking from the concerned local state authority and you have an expert guide with you. Carry comfortable walking shoes and raincoat- you might have to face monsoon showers.

Make your way down to the swirling waters of the Kali River in Dandeli Sanctuary for some white water rafting in Karnataka. The rapids are high and it even gets difficult sometimes to tame the rapids on the Kali.

The Barapole River in Coorg also makes a good spot for white water rafting. The best time to go rafting here is in the months between November and June. Beginners to adults- all can experience this thrilling activity under the guidance of trained professionals. Make sure you wear water resistant footwear at the time of rafting.

Children below 12 years of age are not allowed for the activity; moreover people suffering with physical ailment are not advised to perform this activity under any circumstances.

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